Cosmetic packaging: how to influence consumer purchasing?

Cosmetic packaging: how to influence consumer purchasing? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Emerging means interpreting the product differently, but a targeted approach is needed. The basis is in the analysis of consumption habits, a strategic design of the product and above all a packaging idea that catches the eye. Kiko, Deborah, Pupa, Leocrema, Tesori d’Oriente are just a few examples; we at Studio Concept are at the side of brands that aim at quality, also through successful cosmetic packaging.

What influences consumer choice in a cosmetic product?

Three simple seconds, that is the time in which the game of choice is played. Aiming for success in such a limited timeframe requires that there must be perfect work behind it, there is no room for error. The weight of choice is concentrated in the precise moment of purchase, the estimate being that 73% of decisions are made at this crucial stage.

Advertising campaigns may introduce the product, bring it to the public’s attention, but conversion occurs only moments before the choice is made. Marketing is important and channels to target groups, the design of the packaging, however, seduces. Then there is the contact with the product, the texture and absorption characteristics are essential.

Determining factors when choosing cosmetics: packaging, fragrance, texture and price

The steps in the choice of a cosmetic product could be interpreted as a true courtship ritual, love is triggered if all the senses are ignited by a flame enveloping them. It is a story that starts with packaging that attracts attention but must overcome the barriers of fragrance and texture to involve through a physical imprint.

Only after the sensory apotheosis does price bring the decision back with feet firmly planted on the ground. The choice in cosmetics starts with sensations but is also based on careful reflection, the customer must be won over through an effective because well-targeted strategy. There is no room for improvisation, learning to woo is an art with a scientific flavour.

Packaging observation

Here it is the eyes that connect directly with the heart. The first impact is with colour: there is eye-catching red to inspire pathos, green to recall nature themes, but also white to suggest the idea of purity. Of course interpretations may vary according to cultural background, what does not change is the weight of colour in the decision. Then there is practicality, here it is good ideas that inspire the customer towards the choice. The materials are then fundamental, these suggest coherence with the product.


This is a particularly variable aspect. There is certainly the personal taste factor, here pleasure starts with a completely subjective interpretation. The choice of fragrance can, however, follow definite trend lines. The trend towards floral and powdery notes, as long as they are delicate, has proved particularly popular with the female public. There is also a segment of women who tend more and more towards more typically masculine fragrances. The careful study of fragrance is essential, the sense of smell being the sense closest to emotional memory.

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Cosmetics is all about the contact between the product and the skin of the subject, this is where all communication and marketing efforts with the customer really come together. In a few moments it is decided whether the project really comes to fruition, consistency is the keystone that holds the whole decision-making castle up. The customer rubs a pinch of product on his hand and experiences the feel of it, this is where the sensory choice process ends. This is how communication finds real feedback.


Reason takes over, processes sensory information and determines whether the value of the product is congruent with the price. The customer is increasingly attentive to details, knows the products and is prepared to make a choice. Too much marketing comes at a cost, the customer knows how to distinguish an “over-advertised” product from its actual value. Price is a factor that inevitably speaks of quality but also of ethical choices in the production chain, and finally there is respect for the customer. Maximising profit can have the opposite effect.

Striving for simplicity and authenticity in cosmetics

People often rely on the idea of “more is better” when making decisions, but lose focus on the concept behind the project. Sometimes, one just has to look at one’s own brand and how this can benefit the customer. The answer may be simpler than you expect.

The customer is careful in his choice, he cares more and more about the essentials as long as they work. The packaging has a low impact on the environment and production costs, the ingredients are quality and the product does not betray the communication that presented it: this is how concrete choices can win the customer over.

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