Expert in Beauty Graphics and Communication for Cosmetics

Several communication projects for new brands or cosmetic lines.

Defining a strategy, establishing a communication plan, understanding how to reach one’s target market, is essential in order to promote one’s business in the beauty industry.

Our expertise and experience allows us to analyse your business model and enhance it, giving your company the ability to define its brand positioning and expand its client portfolio.

We define your positioning in line with your objectives and target market to promote your cosmetics brand and improve customer loyalty.

Despite being a predominantly artistic discipline, graphic design is now omnipresent in our daily life, and can also be found where you least expect it.

Graphic design represents a good starting point towards a successful visual communication strategy. It fulfils several important functions which improve corporate communication.

Graphic design creates an interface between your company and your clients and allows you to present information about your company in an intuitive way to potential buyers. This marketing tool is used to highlight everything about your business, which will make it stand out from the competition.

Lastly, the operational means that need to be implemented must be distributed in order to develop your business in line with the defined marketing strategy.

Another essential communication tool to be implemented in one’s marketing strategy is the website. Regardless of the type of company, business, or industry, an online presence and being able to communicate 24/7 through a website has become an absolute necessity. More than a calling card, a website is now an essential investment for companies seeking to grow.

With us at, you will enjoy step-by-step guidance to improve your online and offline communication in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Contact us for more details.

Planning coordinated communication for a beauty product or product line is key to the success of the brand.

We develop and produce entirely in-house new creative concepts for new brands or product ranges, as well as all the communications tools required for the launch, visuals and sales tools.

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For special projects, we supply the artistic and creative direction to build and launch new cosmetic brands in a process that combines the idea, style, communications, packaging, product photo, website and social media platforms.

We create relationships based on synergy and partnerships with companies and brands, closely linked to the needs of marketing and sales and we do our best to create innovative and eye-catching projects. Creative design, text writing, visuals, photos and graphics: all performed in-house to streamline time and costs.

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