Beauty Product Videography: Marketing & Photoshooting Guide

Several examples of shootings with models, artistic direction, and videos.

How do cosmetic and beauty brands use videos to maximise conversions and increase their visibility?

The cosmetics and skin care industry is a rapidly and constantly growing market, which has welcomed many new companies in recent years.

It is a profitable, and at the same time competitive business. The channels most commonly used by companies to sponsor their brands are Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Companies and beauty brands that use this video marketing strategy almost certainly benefit in terms of visibility. A video is in fact a very powerful communication means, which is able to move and stir emotions in users unlike any other type of advertising.

The video must be high quality and not only present the product or company, but also tell a story. It is important, in fact, that the people watching the video be involved, sharing the values distinguishing the brand, and stimulating their desire to learn more about the company.

A video can express feelings of safety, boldness, emotion, speed, and many other states of mind. We can help you understand which aspect you should be focusing on to convince the customer that with this product, they will finally feel understood, rewarded, and complete.

The story told through a video can be an everyday situation to convey the idea that your brand can help with day-to-day life. Or it can tell of an unusual situation, inspiring the observer to buy the product so as to get away from everyday life and be instantly transported to an imaginary place or reality.

Every single element contributes to the success of the marketing campaign, which is precisely why we look after every single detail: lighting, setting, location, set-up. Even the choice of actors in the short story and anybody who will appear in the video must be carefully considered, whether it be ordinary people or TV and web stars.

In addition, the length of the video is of crucial importance depending on the context in which it will be shown. If the video is too long, users might stop watching it before the end. On the other hand, it needs to be long enough to effectively communicate the message.

The choice of video format is also very important, and we can provide advice on the most suitable type for the selected marketing channel.

Making a promotional video is one of the best investments a company can make, insofar as an effective video will succeed in drawing attention and communicating a message. If the video is high impact, it will also be shared among users, who will in turn share it again, allowing your brand to keep growing in terms of visibility.

To ensure best results, brands need to collaborate with experts and professionals to create and develop video shootings, which will be optimised and best managed through social media channels.

One last piece of advice we at Concept have for all cosmetic brands in the industry, is to place yourself in the hands of professionals. Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience in the cosmetics marketing sector allowing us to help clients achieve their objectives and avoid costly mistakes.

Promotional video for beauty product

Promotional videos represent a key tool in establishing a form of immediate and effective communication, which, in an environment such as the cosmetics industry based on aesthetics and beauty enhancement, can be exploited for all its worth.

Using this channel to create awareness about a company and its creations can prove to be a winning strategy, because it satisfies the needs of a modern public. In the era of digitalisation and the triumph of social media, in fact, rather than read a detailed description of a certain product, the vast majority of people will prefer to watch a video about it.

Vision is an initial means of entering into contact with the product and experiencing some of its characteristics. Today, high quality images allow film to express all of its narrative potential, capturing every detail of the texture of a lipstick, every shade of eye-shadow, every shimmer of a lacquered-effect nail polish, making videos a resource like none other in this sector. They are a powerful means to narrate beauty, with more beauty.

But we’re not talking about just images. Beauty can be narrated by adding various elements to the video. For example, a lively and playful, or intense and sensual narrative voice, depending on the context, which explains how the product is simple to apply, lasts throughout the entire day, is easy to remove, and has an amazing effect or truly enveloping fragrance. Or better still, with music to accompany the images, thus making the communication multi-sensory, and therefore even more appealing.

Only a video can so freely and spontaneously capture the essence of a creation, the philosophy and passion of a company, and share it with such ease.

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The benefits of a promotional video for a beauty product

For companies that specifically sell beauty and personal care products, the advantages of promoting their business through videos are many.

First and foremost, their visibility will take a huge leap forward: videos can be shared and diffused in the blink of an eye on the web, social media, and even on TV, where anybody, even by chance, can see them. A great advantage in a context where competition is fierce.

Nothing can highlight a flagship product like a sequence of high-definition images placing all the best qualities in the spotlight, or which demonstrate its use. These types of videos, which share a similar concept as tutorials, are reserved a place of honour at industry trade fairs or in social media channels and blogs dedicated to make-up.

Videos make it possible to highlight every single characteristic of the product, in the slightest of detail, and to decide every aspect of the set such as lighting and atmosphere, so as to create the best possible conditions to make everything even more suggestive, the message more penetrating, and to present the object in all its splendour. To highlight the product’s strengths, elements such as animation or text can also be added, which attract even more attention.

The strong visual impact of images which arouse amazement, marvel, or even just stimulate curiosity, can be the key to transforming the product into a new object of desire for thousands of women. All this with minimal effort, and at a modest expense.

That’s not all, technology also offers the possibility to stay one step ahead: 3D animation videos are an excellent technique in preparing the foundations for the launch of a product that doesn’t yet exist, marketing it before it is even released. Yet another way to attract potential new customers, announcing the arrival of exciting innovations.

Lastly, unlike traditional advertisements of the past, nowadays they can be continuously updated and infinitely adjusted. This makes it possible to keep up with customer needs and demands, following latest trends and portraying your company as a cutting-edge organisation attentive to the desires of the public.

In short, the promotion of beauty products using video images offers otherwise unthinkable benefits, and is an unbeatable way of leaving a mark of recognition, your brand, impressed in the eyes of the beholder.

Creative direction, model procurement, shooting and cutting-edge post production. Every visual communications project is produced in-house directly by our photographers and brings to life a creative idea shared with the customer. We also create in-house the concepts of the set design to convey a product image and translate them into emotional images.

We also create the concepts of the set design in-house to convey a product image and translate them into emotional videos.

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Studio Concept is an ideal choice for cosmetics and beauty brands wishing to use video as a key tool in their marketing strategy. Our experience in the industry allows us to create visual content that not only presents the product in an aesthetically pleasing way, but also tells a story, conveying emotions and connecting the brand with its audience in a deep and meaningful way.

Our creative and technical approach to video marketing is perfectly suited to the needs of a fast-moving industry like cosmetics, where image and visual impression are key.

From research and model selection to advanced post-production, every aspect of the creation process is taken care of with attention to detail, ensuring that each video is a work of art that captures attention and arouses interest.

For companies in the cosmetics industry, working with Studio Concept means not only having access to high-quality videos, but also benefiting from our understanding of the market and our ability to anticipate and meet emerging trends. We help our clients achieve their goals, increasing their brand visibility and maximising conversions.

Are you ready to transform your brand by taking it to the next level with videos that make an impression?

Contact Studio Concept today to find out how we can help you realise your vision and create a lasting impact in the world of cosmetics.

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