Design and Communication
for the Cosmetics and Beauty industry

We offer project ideas and solutions
that translate brand values into tangible
choices for online and offline communication.

An agency with an all-round service

Specialised in the Beauty & Cosmetics industry with an all-round, comprehensive service offer. Studio Concept Trends & Shots was founded in 2001, taking advantage of the extensive experience gained in the fashion and beauty industry by its founders: Guido Resmini, art director and communications expert and Tonino Borrelli, photographer and designer. It is now a highly specialised industry-focused company, with a team of experts acting as the creative and operational partner for the most important cosmetic, skin care and hair care brands in Italy.

Our mission

Our mission is to take an in-depth look at the brand requirements, its values and potential, to analyse market trends and then, transform them into concrete communications choices. We take care of everything that helps the brand and its business grow in terms of the product, style and communications. We know the market inside out which means we can coherently position the product to maximise its potential.

Passion for beauty

This is what lies behind our twenty years of industry experience, making us the creative and operational partners of leading Italian and international companies in the beauty industry. We have gradually built up close-knit, long-term relations with our customers which have allowed us to be part of the creation of successful brands. Our strength lies in our ability to provide the customer with a complete in-house service by drawing on the integrated and complementary skills of our work force. From the product design to its execution and final version.

Cosmetic Product Design: Mastering Packaging Graphics

Our strength lies in the design of the graphic image of a product or an entire coordinated range, starting from a style concept that mirrors the values of every brand. Beauty product packaging is an authentic communications project and we view every new product as a challenge, bringing into play our creativity, global market vision and specific technical expertise. All projects are designed and developed in-house: from the creative idea through to the print-ready finals.

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Expert in Beauty Graphics and Communication for Cosmetics

Planning coordinated communications for a beauty product or product line is key to the success of the brand. We develop and produce entirely in-house new creative concepts for new brands or product ranges, as well as all the communications tools required for the launch, visuals and sales tools. For special projects, we supply the artistic and creative direction to build and launch new cosmetic brands in a process that combines the idea, style, communications, packaging, product photo, website and social media platforms.

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Beauty & Makeup
Product Photography Still life
for cosmetic products

There are various photographic sets within the agency for the in-house creation of still life products: from the simplest representations of cosmetic packaging to complex creations placed in a set to better communicate the mood and values of the brand.

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Beauty Product Videography: Marketing & Photoshooting Guide

We take care of creating our customer’s image for their social media channels by producing coordinated video and image content. Social brand identity, integrated social media and e-commerce communications projects, complete editorial plan, copy, creation of image and video content that transform the values and communication goals of the brand. We work on projects both for selective and prestige cosmetics and for brands linked to large-scale retail.

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Maximize Beauty Marketing with Social Media in the Industry

The beauty industry is highly competitive; cosmetic brands need to be incredibly creative and innovative to gain an advantage over the competition and create engagement around their marketing campaign and products. This competitive landscape creates and drives beauty companies to use various and highly creative marketing strategies. Leading companies in the wellness market have paved the road with carefully studied and elaborate strategies, which have differentiated their brand and products from the competition.

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Beauty Ecommerce: Developing Sites for Cosmetics Brand

To those customers who ask us to take care of global development of their brand, we offer highly specialised web services and projects, especially on e-commerce platforms and growth and loyalty activities. A team specialised in website development and e-commerce sites on WordPress, Magento and Shopify CMS platforms will assist you in creating a website for your business.

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We have worked with

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  • Kiko
  • Pupa
  • Syrio
  • Armores
  • L'Erboristica di Athena's
  • Zeca
  • Biopoint
  • Botea
  • Depilzero
  • Leocrema
  • Lycia-Strep
  • Tesori d’Oriente
  • Acqua alle Rose
  • Borotalco
  • Almon – Carrera
  • Mesauda Milano
  • Mesauda Professional
  • Collistar
  • Deborah
  • Bellaoggi
  • Paola P
  • Eva Garden
  • BioNike
  • Naj Oleari
  • Melissa Cosmetics
  • Bottega Verde
  • Helen Seward
  • Elgon
  • Nika
  • Cotril
  • Cosmoproject
  • Alfaparf
  • Skin up
  • Cosmos - Majour Group
  • FarmaVita
  • Aqua di Parma
  • Lierac
  • Jowae
  • Cera di Cupra
  • Allegrini - Hemp Care
  • BadGirlsGoToHeaven
  • Top Notch
  • Albogroup
  • Cosmhotel
  • Mavala
  • Manetti & Roberts
  • Roby Nails
  • Luxor
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