Maximize Beauty Marketing with Social Media in the Industry

Examples of coordinated images on social media

The beauty industry is highly competitive; cosmetic brands need to be incredibly creative and innovative to gain an advantage over the competition and create engagement around their marketing campaign and products. This competitive landscape creates and drives beauty companies to use various and highly creative marketing strategies. Leading companies in the wellness market have paved the road with carefully studied and elaborate strategies, which have differentiated their brand and products from the competition.

On social media, the first and most crucial thing to do is engage customers, make them feel part of a community and stimulate their desire not to miss out on whatever the company publishes through these direct communication channels.

To share contents in line with one’s followers, it is essential to know as much as possible about them.

Our team follows the social media campaigns and monitors their progress daily to identify which photos are most successful, which themes are most commented, and the general reactions triggered by the posts.

This careful analysis makes it possible to get to know one’s community, and is the starting point for improved brand visibility and perception. We help you identify which style to adopt for each post and story, the message to be conveyed and which values to focus on in order to help the company grow.

We develop photographic contents in line with the message your company wishes to convey to followers, and ensure they are high-impact, accentuating the characteristics of the product.

Moreover, by following and keeping up with the latest online trends, we can work together to identify the topics for which a stance must be taken, giving greater visibility to your brand.

Knowing how important it is to engage customers and pursue ongoing communication with them, we can create periodic newsletters and marketing emails with all the latest news on the most trending products. Moreover, we can manage the entire communication campaign so as to collect and analyse customer feedback, and likewise visualisations and interactions.

The team, who are also experts in e-commerce, will design integrated social media campaigns with the aim of directing the user towards the best products.

We will also identify people in niche markets to further expand the brand’s virtual public, focusing on specialised users passionate about their product category.

Even promotions can be developed together to maximise the results potentially obtained through web advertising, selecting a personalised target market based on various criteria: geographic location, age group, sex, interests, habits.

Lastly, our team can develop material for sharing on social media, differentiated according to the communication style of the selected platform. Complete marketing campaigns can be put together with contents for sharing as posts with descriptions and captions, and others to be published as stories, and therefore characterised by a more immediate communication style.

It is important to harness all the potential and visibility offered by social media for your company image.

Social media gives companies the means to directly interact with their public, thus reducing the need for middlemen.

Social media are an integral part of the beauty industry and need to be exploited as best they can so as not to lose customers. Any beauty brand which is not active on social media will be greatly disadvantaged in terms of visibility.

Although there is a great wealth of information about social media available online, certain knowledge and techniques can only be acquired after years on the field. At, we believe to have the necessary skills and experience to increase the visibility of your Brand even on social media.

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We take care of creating our customer’s image for social media channels by producing coordinated video and image content.

Social brand identity, integrated social media and e-commerce communications projects, complete editorial plan, copy, creation of image and video content that transform the values and communication goals of the brand. We work on projects both for selective and prestige cosmetics and for brands linked to large-scale retail. We can take care of the entire social media communication strategy or just the creation of the contents, in direct partnership with the brands.

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