Cosmetic Product Design: Mastering Packaging Graphics

Various graphic design projects for beauty products, make-up, skin care, and hair care lines.

In recent years, cosmetic packaging design has increasingly become the focus of attention as companies begin to realise that attractive packaging equates to increased sales. When buying a beauty product, aren’t you attracted by the packaging that inspires the most confidence?

The packaging of the product you intend to promote may well be the first point of contact between the consumer and your brand. Elegant packaging can leave a good impression on those who have never heard of the brand and are looking at a product line they have never seen before, on display in the store.
If you are promoting a beauty product, the packaging is one of the most important elements during the launch stage in order to be successful; you will not be the only one competing, other competitor products will also be on display.

There are many aspects which must be considered when designing packaging, for example, a captivating design that immediately attracts attention, the target market, or even whether or not the packaging efficiently protects the contents.

It does not matter how good the product is, poor packaging will be an obstacle to its sale. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to create a functional design.

How does the packaging represent your brand? What is your brand’s personality? This value can be transmitted through colour, fonts, and textures. A good design uses these elements to transmit the story of a brand.

When you look at the packaging, are the functions and benefits your product is able to offer the customer absolutely clear? Buyers will spend money on products only if they understand their use. Make sure the packaging does not look like something else, and that it does not confuse the buyer.

How resistant should the packaging be? How long does the product need to remain intact before being used by the end consumer? Plastic, aluminium, glass, and cardboard are traditionally used, but we also need to think of the target market. Are they environmentally conscious? If the answer is “yes”, it is probably best to use alternative materials such as bioplastics.

Sustainable, ecological packaging will be cleverly designed to work well with the least possible materials.

How much of the packaging will be visible once inserted on the shelves? When the products are lined up next to each other on the shelves, normally only the front will be visible. The most important information should therefore be highlighted in the foreground at the centre. Moreover, depending on the positioning of your product on the shelves, you might have more or less visibility; it is important to know where your product will be placed in the store.

All these aspects will be taken into account by; once you decide to work with us, our primary objective will be to ensure the best possible marketing of your product in order to increase your sales. For all doubts and clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact page.

Our strength lies in the design of the graphic image of a product or an entire coordinated range, starting from a style concept that mirrors the values of every brand.

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Studio Concept Package design

Studio Concept Package design

Beauty product packaging is an authentic communications project and we view every new product as a challenge, bringing into play our creativity, global market vision and specific technical expertise.


Studio Concept Package design

All the packaging design projects are developed and produced in-house by Studio Concept Trends & Shots: from the creative concept to the creation of the finished versions ready for printing.


What is cosmetic packaging?

Cosmetic packaging is what physically contains the product, and is designed not only to protect the contents, but also improve sales, while also guaranteeing functionality.

Marketing is based on a series of well-known techniques which must be implemented for the very purpose of obtaining a well-defined clientele, and based on the personal needs of the company. In any marketing plan, it is in fact the public whose attention needs to be drawn, and based on this, it will be evaluated how to best exploit the impact of the product packaging. In the cosmetics industry, this aspect is crucial.

In order to keep a watchful eye on environmental issues, which are extremely pressing in recent times, it is important that cosmetic packaging be eco-friendly; this will allow a well-defined Brand Identity, which in this case is decidedly necessary to create a relationship and point of contact between the company and consumer’s personal ideas.

In recent years, in fact, design has assumed a very important role in terms of advertising, and in the case of beauty products it has become almost as important as the quality of the product itself.

We have all been in a situation where we are more attracted by the packaging of a beauty product than the item itself. For no other reason apart from the fact that companies in this industry create very elaborate packaging and have the ability to transmit their ideas in just a few images.

Cosmetic packaging must also make very specific reference to the brand, which must be present in all packaging of the entire collection in order that it can be recognised among the many different types, attracting the attention of potential buyers.

Nowadays, packaging is increasingly based on the notion of sustainability and care for the environment, making this an aspect that must be carefully considered, not only from an ethical perspective but also to reach additional customers with the same focus.

In order to establish a successful marketing campaign, valid techniques need to be used, which are not particularly complex: we recommend using them to improve sales and create a perfect plan suited to one’s own needs.

It is essential to rely on expert companies to create your own biodegradable cosmetic packaging, insofar as this is the only way to be sure it is of the highest quality. At Studio Concepts, we are able to create your packaging design from scratch, making sure it satisfies all your needs.

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Structural product and graphic design

Technological development has given us the possibility to create new innovative structural packaging designs, which are also eco-friendly.

The assembly of the packaging we provide is in fact designed to minimise the impact on the environment, all through the accurate selection of the materials and inks used.

The structural design of the product is aimed at giving the packaging an original and elegant character in order that it instantly attracts the buyer’s attention.

The visual power of packaging

If you are wondering just how important packaging is, let me assure you that you already know, at least in general terms. Each of our brains is in fact constantly subjected to the effects of packaging; suffice it to think of when we enter a supermarket.

If you think about it, we find very similar products on each shelf, but always end up choosing only some of them.

Packaging plays a crucial role in guiding this choice, it needs to succeed in drawing the customer’s visual attention and give the impression of reliability and quality of the contents inside.

Take for example some of the more well-known brands such as Campari Soda, Coca Cola, or a bottle of Chanel n. 5. These use glass bottles with a particular and captivating shape, able to attract the buyer’s attention and at the same time, identify the company. Suffice it to think that these packaging designs have been registered as a brand insofar as they are identified with those specific companies.

Packaging is also used to recall quality. A typical example are the adhesive stickers some companies apply to bananas or fruit. In this case, the consumer feels certain about the quality of the fruit they’re buying.

Packaging design, as you may have figured, is extremely varied and rich with alternatives. It is communication and persuasion: it needs to be directed to a certain basin of specific users and adapt to the product it contains. Proof of this is the variety of packaging found in the market: from watermelon-scented wipes sold in boxes that faithfully reproduce the same fruit, to fruit juices that reflect the texture and surface colour of a kiwi.

Here are a few of our clients with whom we have worked to create innovative packaging:

Cosmetic packaging for Shampoo: Seward Mediter

The packaging of the cosmetics collection by Seward Mediter, a company that produces entirely organic cosmetics, is an example of a design created specifically to highlight the product’s characteristics.

The Mediter line uses selected and exclusive plant extracts for its products, which are obtained from certified organic cultivations which undergo specific treatments.

The packaging design was therefore studied in such a way as to recall the concepts of movement, freshness, and nature. A stainless steel material was used for the packaging, which enhances the interaction and movement of the natural elements making up the Seward Mediter product.

At the same time, beauty cases were also designed, characterised by the presence of metallic, mirror, and matt finishes.

Packaging for perfumes: Note di Testa

The packaging design for Note di Testa sought to follow the style and elegance of the product and company which produces it. Note di Testa is in fact a room scent with a delicate and exclusive fragrance.

Its packaging was designed to be placed in elegant and fashionable settings. The clear glass bottle with black-coloured sticks, which help diffuse the scent of the perfume, ensure the packaging – in addition to drawing visual attention through its beauty – also favours the diffusion of the scent.

The white label on the front of the bottle clearly displays the company brand, all without affecting the elegance of the product in any way.

Pharmaceutical packaging: Equilibra Viso Aloe

Equilibra is a leading company in the wellness industry. Its products have always been widely recognised by those who love caring for their appearance and wellness using natural, quality products.

The packaging design for Equilibra Viso Aloe, a line of cosmetics based on Aloe Vera, was designed to reflect precisely these characteristics.

In this case only the colours green and white were used so as to recall the strong link with nature and the main component: Aloe. The name of this ingredient is imprinted on the packaging in a larger font with respect to the other text, so as to attract the consumer’s attention. The product packaging was accompanied by the design of specific displays, social media contents and marketing tools to enhance the identify of the product and Equilibra brand.

Cream packaging: Bioepoque

Bioepoque is a company specialised in the production of entirely natural and organic personal beauty products.

The packaging design for the skin care line sought to accentuate the type and high quality of the elements used to formulate these creams. In addition to the product’s organic origin, the packaging also indicates all the most characteristic components, for example Aloe Vera, Almond Oil, and Prickly Pear Oil. The consumer is therefore immediately struck by the quality of the product and will prefer it over the many other creams in the market.

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