The future of the cosmetics industry: innovations and emerging trends

The future of the cosmetics industry: innovations and emerging trends 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Following the trend originates a circle that brings no change, cosmetics must feed on novelties that are ahead of their time. Change is living matter and must be channelled, we at Studio Concept are at the side of companies to achieve branding that knows how to go further. The future is in development, starting with ideas that really work.

Transparency in communication

Communication in cosmetics must increasingly raise the bar in terms of quality, the public lives connected to the world and takes an active interest in it. Advertising campaigns were once the prerogative of marketing, now it is time for hard data: the customer wants transparency.

The INCI is no longer an unknown acronym, the branding message must be in solidarity with the ingredients of the products. Here, transparency must be enriched by consistency, the consumer is hungry for respect but repays it with brand loyalty. Truth is the virtue of communication that works.

Sustainability and eco-friendly cosmetics

With the tropicalisation of the Mediterranean increasingly evident, the alternation of dry periods and exceptional weather phenomena and many other alarm bells, communication in cosmetics can only send one message: the era of greenwashing is over. The quality of the offer needs a focused approach, the ingredients of the products matter, but so does everything else.

The new communication describes how the brand is actively committed to the environment, themes such as upcycling and smart packaging management are no longer used to impress customers but to show that their trust is placed in a company that truly respects everyone.

Prebiotic and probiotic ingredients

Talking about prebiotics means considering probiotics. The skin is man’s largest organ, a barrier of interaction between the world and the body. It houses a world, the skin microbiota, made up of various types of microorganisms. Probiotics consist of micro-organisms that enter the skin microbiota to rebalance it, a bit like milk enzymes in the intestine.

Prebiotics are the organic substances useful for the skin barrier. The trend will carry the entire cosmetics industry into the future, the design of products becomes targeted as it starts with an analysis of the subject’s biological footprint.

Cosmetic products and personalised services

The need for beauty requires an increasingly targeted approach to the characteristics of the subject, there is no single formula that works but it is true that any formula can serve its purpose as long as it is used in the right case. This is where analysis plays a key role, we need to frame the needs in order to find the right solution.

Talking about personalising beauty also means paying due attention to issues of inclusiveness, personalising the offer means opening up the collections to all skin tones and hair types. The past homologated beauty to references to be followed, the future pursues the beauty of everyone.

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Clean beauty with natural products

Skin, hair and man himself are expressions of nature, so looking in the green direction is a return that has all the flavour of the future. Cosmetics are increasingly consolidating the idea of production that reduces the percentage of synthetic substances to the benefit of natural ingredients.

The properties of plants but also of natural minerals are being rediscovered, formulations tend to abandon the classic liquid solution and return to the solid state. The change is taking place, the effects are already tangible in a message that many consider.

Wellness: well-being and health

Beauty starts with health care, it cannot be reduced to the simple application of a few cosmetic lines. People are becoming more and more attentive to the care of their bodies, and here starts a message that the recent pandemic has underlined: beauty needs a holistic approach, it passes through lifestyle and can be underlined by an equally healthy cosmetics. Thus was born the idea that inspires a constantly evolving sector: ingredients nourish and support tissue. Beauty is synonymous with health, it does not stop at appearances.

Psycho-beauty, cosmetics starts from within

Communication is now saturated with values, the statement might seem provocative but it captures the current landscape: everyone advocates green principles, inclusion and respect. The excess of a message, however, has the effect of nullifying its content; the public hardly pays attention to it any more.

The future of cosmetics is increasingly oriented towards the individual customer, a simple “how are you today?” is enough to understand the real needs and be able to respond with the most effective solutions. Understanding the skin or hair type becomes as important as understanding the customer’s lifestyle. Cosmetics is projected into a psychological dimension, the individual becomes the centre.

Are you a start-up or a cosmetics company looking for a clear direction for your brand identity? Studio Concept is your ideal partner. We specialise in brand building and brand positioning in the beauty industry, understanding the crucial importance of brand identity in this highly competitive industry.

We offer comprehensive solutions, a customised approach and proven expertise to help you build a distinctive and appealing beauty brand. We know how important it is to stay at the forefront of consumer needs and trends. Therefore, we always keep abreast of the latest trends and communication strategies in the beauty industry.

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