Photographing cosmetic products for Amazon: how to shoot?

Photographing cosmetic products for Amazon: how to shoot? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Playing on styles is also an option in the cosmetic armoured still life, the standards of the Bezos shop are in fact among the strictest. We at Studio Concept help brands to stand out from the chorus, here are the secrets of the effective shot.

Photographing in flat style: the flat lay

One cannot talk about Amazon without considering the most appealing photographic standards. The flat lay shot is that tool that allows you to respect the rules and play with creativity.

The aim is to stand out from all the others, this helps to sell especially in cosmetics. Flattening the layout opens up the game of compositions.

The tripod must also allow horizontal positioning of the camera, alternatively a C-stand can always come in handy. Using a tethering app is essential, your shadow must not interfere with the quality of the shot at all.

Playing with light is important, the number one rule in photography is especially valid in the flat style. The rest is left to the story of the shot.

Photographing cosmetics on a white background

White is the only colour contemplated on Jeff Bezos’ store, the choice is not accidental considering the power of contrast that is always guaranteed.

E-commerce in cosmetics can only play on colours, here the still life is called upon to express the reality of the product and to do so in an appealing way. Purity, texture and fragrance are at the centre of a challenge that comes with every shot, photography is therefore called upon to overcome the limits of the image.

How to achieve this?

Trick number 1: white but not too much. Pure white works to the disadvantage of detail, it is no coincidence that the Amazon standard is more opaque.

Trick number 2: Watch out for reflections. These are the real enemy in cosmetic still life; avoiding them means saving time in post-production.

Trick number 3: play on the layout. Show the details by making the shot appealing.

High-quality images

A JPEG file with a minimum resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels is the standard from which you cannot deviate. This must guarantee that the customer can enlarge the image sufficiently to grasp the details.

Quality also depends on the narrative entrusted to the shot, the image contributes substantially to the conversion rate. The customer acquires the idea of perfection, the quality of the cosmetic can therefore only pass through an image that is up to the mark.

Photography must tell the story of the product from various angles, which serves to translate the texture of the cosmetic into visual information. Quality is therefore synonymous with reality as the shot must anticipate the exact experience of the product in person.

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Use of lighting to enhance details

Lighting is life for still life in cosmetics. If natural light is perfection, the ideal shot is one that manages to communicate the product by rendering its true colours.

Light and colour are closely linked, and it is no coincidence that the perfect lighting is that of a mid-day shot near a large window. Recreating the natural effect is a game of lights, reflective panels and choice of background.

Photographing on white ensures optimal light diffusion, but there is work to be done on the arrangement of the table and the backdrop. The latter must descend with gentle curves, this is how details stand out against a homogeneous background.

Post-production and essential retouching

As much as AI promises interesting results, quality post-production is a must in cosmetic still life. The work is decisive to go from a nice shot to the perfect result.

The prerequisite is to start with a quality image: the packaging must be pure, maniacal attention to detail is required. The use of cotton gloves is the rule when studying compositions, dust is then the enemy to be avoided.

Even the most polished set will never return a completely clean image, but it can make the retouching phase much easier. The white background is the standard ally, this opens up a wide panel of customisation.

Still life photography of cosmetic products with Studio Concept

Still life is one of the most popular styles, even for the first-time photographer; just by following the technical tricks, the results are also particularly satisfying.

Product photography in e-commerce, however, must aim for the optimum; there is no other alternative way to stand out among the offerings on Amazon. Here is the standard standard in Studio Concept’s proposal.

It is the years of experience that enrich the shot in search of that impact that turns into love at first sight, photography is communication but in cosmetics it is also something more.

To capture the product is to let it communicate reality, enriching it with a special message, so that quality can make a real difference. Here is our formula for standing out.

Through experience gained over the years, we have revealed the secrets to creating effective shots that not only meet the high standards set by Jeff Bezos’ online shop but exceed them, playing with creativity and style.

Our goal is to help brands stand out in a crowded market by turning each product into a visual work of art that captures the essence and quality of the cosmetic product.

Photography is not just a medium to showcase a product; it is an art form that, when masterfully executed, can transform consumer perception and consolidate brand positioning in the competitive cosmetics market.

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