Communications agency
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Communications agency for the Beauty and Cosmetics industry

We are a creative communications agency for the Beauty and Cosmetics industry. A design studio in Milan founded in 2001, forever specialised in packaging design, photography, product still life and integrated communication in the beauty & cosmetics industry. We offer project ideas and solutions that translate brand values into tangible choices for online and offline communication. We take care of everything that helps the brand and its business grow in terms of ideas, product, style and communication, graphic design and photography.
Our strength is the ability to provide a complete service, developed entirely in-house. Our staff has specific skills in designing and launching new brands or cosmetic lines, in product design, communication, artistic direction, and photography, which is managed directly in our own studios. Concept supports the client from the product design to its execution and final version.

A passion for beauty and the determination to create success stories is what underlies our twenty years of industry experience, making us the creative and operational partners of leading Italian and international companies in the beauty industry. We have gradually developed close-knit, long-term relations with our clients which have allowed us to be part of the creation of successful and recognisable brands.
We work in all areas of the beauty industry with a specialised approach to style and communication, which varies depending on the type of product and market: for selective and niche make-up and skin care brands, for perfumery, for cosmetic brands in large-scale retail, for professional hair care lines, for specialised brands in the nail industry, and much more.

We specifically offer:

  • Strategic brand consultancy: brand audits, research and comparison of competitors, brand positioning, creation of a brand story, restyling and strategic launches.
  • Branding: logo design, recognisable brand value codes, storytelling, brand guidelines, coordinated communication styles, coordinated product design, material marketing, and coordinated sale and retail tools. Design of Cosmetic packaging: Elegant packaging is largely responsible for the successful sale of your products. In order for your product to stand out from your competitors and immediately catch the consumer’s eye, we at Concept create captivating designs, cleverly developed with strategic expertise.
  • Creation of specific contents: product photography, creative still life photos and advanced post-production, photo shoots with models, graphic contents, video tutorials, specific contents for web campaigns, social media content, copywriting.
  • Social and Web: e-commerce and social communication strategies, structured e-commerce, content optimisation, web launch campaigns, brand awareness, conversion.

New design and communication projects in the beauty world

A window on the latest works of Studio Concept Trends & Shots

Discover project Discover project Discover project Discover project Discover project

New design and communication projects in the beauty industry

A sneak peek at the latest work by Studio Concept

Discover project Discover project Discover project Discover project Discover project

What is cosmetic marketing?

Cosmetic marketing refers to the use of new technologies, first and foremost social media, with the aim of promoting a company’s products to a broad range of users. Cosmetic marketing is therefore based on the digital strategy and social media marketing strategies applied to the cosmetics market.

The key characteristic of this type of marketing is the ability to leverage not only on the single product, but also the relationship established between the company and customer. The digital strategy consists in building customer loyalty, leading the company to be viewed as a point of reference in terms of reliability and wellness.

There are many strategies to develop this relationship, which all depend on the characteristics of the company and type of clientele that needs to be intercepted and retained. Precisely with regard to this last aspect, it is worth noting that every digital beauty marketing strategy must be preceded by a brand identity study. This term in fact implies that the company needs to appear in a certain way towards its customers.

As we all know, a communication strategy that highlights a company’s best qualities and succeeds in creating customer loyalty cannot be efficiently implemented without the company itself having a very clear idea about the image it wishes to convey.

Once the brand identity has been defined, we can move on to the marketing campaign. In this context, it is decided whether to approach clients with a formal or informal tone, how frequently content should be released, which original and identifying graphics to use, and many other aspects.

The most successful marketing campaigns are those that stand out for their originality, which means that once the brand identity has been defined, the digital marketing strategy can also be implemented in not so “traditional” ways. In this sense, Studio Concept helps your company find its brand identity, choosing the communication strategy most suited to your objectives.

Benefits of cosmetic brand marketing

In addition to the guaranteed benefits of digital marketing, there are other advantages that cosmetic brands should absolutely welcome.
One of these is the development of a platform on the company website, allowing customers to “try” cosmetics on their own photos or videos. This service is also used in the eyewear market, where customers can access services allowing them to virtually try on different frames. Another interesting opportunity for the cosmetics industry is the possibility to collaborate with influencers on social media. Offering cosmetics to influencers, inviting them to try and potentially share them on their social media profiles represents a chance to showcase your products, attracting new customers and increasing the brand’s visibility.
Yet another way of building customer loyalty is to propose contests or surveys on the company’s social media profiles. The aim of these initiatives is to establish a relationship between the company and users, exponentially increasing the chances of the latter being converted into actual customers.

As previously stated, there are countless different marketing strategies. The company needs to be able to identify the most effective strategies and adapt them to the product and clientele they wish to reach.


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