Beauty Ecommerce: Developing Sites for Cosmetics Brand

Anybody who runs a beauty and cosmetics company should think about having a website to give a boost to their business.
Online purchases have in fact multiplied, and consumer preferences are increasingly shifting towards the web where it is easier to buy, and often cheaper. If you work in the beauty products and fashion industry, turn to us to create your website.
We will create it as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible to increase your business and help you find new customers every day.

Beauty and fashion websites

Our beauty and fashion website building service ensures quality and speed, and guarantees clients a product that responds to both their needs, and those of browsers. The website will become the spearhead of your business and be developed with both visual appeal and technical optimisation in mind, starting with SEO rules, making it easier for users to find you. A website needs to be beautiful inside and out, and our efforts are based on essential elements such as usability, browsability, the user interface, localisation, and search engine optimisation.
Every step in building a website will be discussed with the client and aimed at satisfying all your expectations, so that it becomes a point of reference for enthusiasts. We will therefore start by getting to know your story and goals, your past and future expectations, the reason you need a website and what you expect from it.
The planning process will be key to its creation, with every single detail carefully analysed and implemented only after close discussion with the client, working on exactly what you need, making sure we get straight to the heart of your business.

Beauty e-commerce site development

Over many years of business, we have specialised in the creation of websites dedicated to the world of beauty and fashion, with a particular focus on e-commerce sites for beauty products. An online store is an important calling card for any company, which is able to attract new customers and above all, express one’s idea of business and create a relationship with users. With an e-commerce site, you can sell at any time of day and your customers can order the products they need from all corners of the globe from an optimised site that’s easy to use.
Your online store can help grow not only your business, but also the prestige of your brand, giving it the recognition it needs to stand out in the boundless sea which is the internet. Moreover, the web is a unique advertising showcase with a much further reach than other channels, ensuring a low investment with superior results compared to other marketing campaigns.
Thanks to a website, you can organise efficient and affordable marketing campaigns, making the most of the many tools the web has to offer, from social media to paid ads.
Our beauty e-commerce sites are characterised by simple and immediate usability so as to give users a positive and relaxing experience; they include a space for detailed product data sheets, in which customers can find all the information they need before making their purchase; lastly, you can publish detailed descriptions in the form of articles or posts, which can attract customers and transform them into regular visitors. Customer loyalty is very important in this sense, so your e-commerce site will never be static but rather keep up with the tastes and needs of its visitors, thus enticing them to keep browsing your site.
Our sites will allow you the possibility to create a group of loyal customers who not only regularly buy from your store, but also help increase your recognition.

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Characteristics of beauty e-commerce sites

Despite being a website and e-commerce site apparently like any other, those designed to sell cosmetics must have very specific characteristics to facilitate their success and sales. These characteristics, if present in beauty e-commerce sites, tangibly increase the flow of users, who will then quite likely become buyers.

If the website includes the characteristics we describe below, it will be efficiently indexed by search engines and therefore positioned among the top results on the search page, where it will be seen by all.

The essential characteristics of a successful beauty e-commerce site are:

  • Contents area in which to insert the products for sale, which must be simple to view, intuitive, and be divided into categories to quickly find what you’re looking for.
  • Product catalogue designed to allow easy consultation by the user visiting the website, but which is also competitive on the market.
  • Tool allowing the cosmetics company to efficiently manage orders so as to avoid order processing delays or errors by staff. There must also be a customer page allowing them to check the status of their order at any time and keep track of product deliveries.
  • Possibility for the cosmetics company to insert various tools that might facilitate user browsing and encourage them to stay on the beauty e-commerce site. To this end, winning website features include the possibility to insert more than one photo for each product, or perhaps even videos in which the products are used, so as to provide exhaustive information about the objects for sale and facilitate purchases. Website pages can also be inserted dedicated to special products, such as New or Sale pages.
  • E-commerce sites, and therefore those that sell cosmetics, must also have an area dedicated to informing the customer about the sale terms.
  • Another characteristic of a successful beauty e-commerce site has to do with payments, which must be made secure in order to protect both the seller and buyer. If users feel safe when making a payment, they will certainly be more inclined to buy, which will in turn increase profits.

Benefits of selling beauty products online

More than just selling cosmetics: e-commerce, particularly in recent years, has been a saviour and infinite source of earnings for many industries. Let’s take a more specific look at the advantages of having an online beauty shop.

  • Reach: any company that takes to the internet enjoys large-scale visibility at both a national and international level. Having an online e-commerce beauty shop means having a showcase through which to promote one’s products, open at all times and anywhere in the world, from the smallest country to the most famous cities. This means not only improved visibility among a greater basin of users compared to those reachable through a physical store, but also added freedom for customers, who choose when to buy according to their needs, and without needing to move.
  • Lower costs: apart from the set-up costs, which are also much lower than for a physical store, an e-commerce site requires very little maintenance and low running costs. But it is also much cheaper than advertising, which is much more economical and effective online compared to traditional channels such as TV or print.
  • Improved communication: communicating with customers is fast and efficient with an e-commerce site. In a physical store it is difficult to show customers the entire range of products for sale, given there are so many, but with an e-commerce site, the user enjoys rapid contact with all the products.
  • Greater prestige: having a website today is synonymous with being a modern and credible cosmetics company. The internet has spread and taken root absolutely everywhere, and everybody does an internet search before buying anything, so not being online may be a disadvantage and make the cosmetics company less credible.

E-commerce and characteristics for online selling

Although we’ve already explained the essential characteristics a beauty e-commerce site must have in order to be successful, let’s now take a look at what’s needed to sell products online.

First and foremost, an e-commerce site must be user-friendly, that is, easy for visitors to use so that it doesn’t take up too much of their time, causing them to leave the site.

Another essential characteristic is the content, such as photos, videos, and texts, which must be of the highest quality. Cosmetic products in fact must not only be good and superior, but also be presented and sold in their best light with photos and texts that enhance their value.

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