We are a Communications agency
for the Beauty and Cosmetics industry:

forever specialised in packaging design, photography, product still life
and integrated communication in the beauty & cosmetics industry.





Flying still life for Kiko




Visual Identity and Packaging Design for Digue Beauty

Still life for Kiko Milano Festival Glow line

Photo Still Life, Communication and Graphics for Roby Nails

Still life for BLUE ME Kiko Milano

Packaging Design, Visual Concept and Rendering Video for Vitaminica

Still life for Kiko Milano Happy B-Day line

Photo Still Life and Post Production for Diego della Palma

Still life for Kiko Milano Joyful holiday line

Photo Still Life and Post Production for Terme Comano

Still life product photos for Beauty Essentials

Visual Marketing and Product Catalog for Synebi

Still Life Photos and Post Production for Naj Oleari

Visual marketing, Packaging Design and Video for Hair professionals

Still Life Product Photos for Rimmel London

Still Life Product Photos for Max Factor X

Packaging design graphics for Bottega Verde face mask

Advertising campaign, Still Life and Video for Terme di Cormano

Still Life, Bulk, and Post Production for Farmavita

Packaging Design for Bottega Verde Wellness Oils

Packaging graphics, Rendering and Video for Equilibra-linea rosa

Packaging, Communication and Still life restyling for Equilibra

Packaging, Communication, Still Life for Rehub

Packaging, Set up Images and folder for Bbcolor Beauty Gloss-3d

Packaging, Set up Images, Still life for Shineclat

Packaging, Communication, Still life for BBcolor Pigma

Animation, Video, Newsletter for Pink Sugar

Visual, Still Life, Catalog for Hairmore

Catalog, Set up Still life and Visual for Cholley

Packaging, Comunicazione and Rendering per Solari hs

Still life Photos for Time Control Diego dalla Palma

Still Life Photos for Goal Green Organic Cosmetics

Design Development and Packaging of Hotel Amenities

Concept Collection, Artistic direction and Copy for Art Direction

Set up Still life, ecommerce and Post-production for Christmas

Still life photos set for Atkinsons high-end perfumes

Packaging Design and Still Life for Armores NATURA

Still life Set for Cortil Glow One Line and Products

Set up Still life, ecommerce and Post-production for Kiko

Concept, Packaging, Visual, Still life and Social for Helen Seward

Product packaging, Visual and Pop for Equilibria Shampoo

Graphics and materials for the point of sale for Spray Equilibria

Marketing for Equilibria, stylish images for packaging

Marketing and still life photos for KIKO MILANO Charming Escape

Marketing and packaging for Hotel Amenities: Argan by Albogroup

Marketing, still life product photos for Verdeoasi Milano

Social media profile photo management and Still life for Deborah

Packaging, Graphics and Sill-life for Nail Care Products

Packaging and communication for Equilibria hair special line

Still life photography and website development for Olfactory Selection

Still life Product Photos for Kiko Milano Holiday Gems Collection

Packaging, Still life and Communication for Mesauda Aquacious Milano

Product packaging and contents for Hemp care cosmetics

Packaging, Graphics and concept for Nika Styling Secrets

Graphics for packaging of Note di Testa Room Scent

Design, Content and Marketing for Allegre Lavandaie

Packaging, Concept, and Communication for DOMINO - Helen Seward

Photography of still life product for Cotril

Packaging, Content and Adv for Solid.O Original

Still life photography for Tesori D'oriente

Still Life Photos for Kiko Milano Lipsticks and Makeup

Foto still life for Pupa Candy Punk

Professional Photo Retouching for Mesauda Cosmetics and Makeup

Still life photos and photo retouching for Naj-Oleari

Still Life Photography for Kiko Lost in Amalfi collection

Still life product photography for Equilibra moisturising cream

Marketing Packaging, communication and graphics for Seward Mediter

Brochures and still life photos for Nika Grace: hair colour cream

Packaging, Still life, Communication for Equilibra Trichological Line

Still Life and Social Content Service for Max Factor

Concept, Packaging, Still life and Adv for Helen Seward Mediter Bio

Packaging design and Still life for Nika Pigments

Cosmetic Product Newsletter and Cosmetic Lines for Mesauda

Packaging Marketing and communication for Bioepoque anti-aging oil

Packaging design for Fior di Pelle organic deodorant line

Packaging, communication and Folder for Labnat

Still life and video creation for Mood Boost by Kiko Milano

Adv, Still life and Video marketing for Social Pink sugar

Packaging, marketing communication for Labnat bio anti-aging line

Marketing Concept and product photo for Mesauda Milano Radiance

Innovative Catalogue & Packaging Solutions for Indaco Helen Seward

Still life photos for Kiko's summer 2020

Concept, Content and communication for Albolab Memories Affectives

Still Life and Catalog for Villa Paradiso Home Cosmetics

Equilibria line Carbone: graphics and rendering for packaging

Still life and Post-production for Villa Paradiso Cosmetics

Still life photographs for Cosmoproject Aqua Concept

Social Media, Content, and Still life for Villa Paradiso Cosmetics

Still life photos for spring 2020 by Kiko

Still Life Photography for Beauty Spa cosmetic products

Product photo and still life catalog for L'Erboristica

Packaging Design, Still life and Folder for Curmed

Social Media Management, Content and Photos for Comfort Cover

Packaging, Still life and Folder for Tricobio – l'Erboristica di Athena's

Still life, Macro, Catalog and Folder for Paola P Makeup

Product and Marketing Photos for Fragrances Notebook

Catalog graphics and product photos for Mesuada Milano

Presentation concept for the Purify line by Mesauda Milano

Catalog and product photos for Nika Hair Beauty Excellence

Still life photos and Adv for Paglieri 1876

Concept, package and website for Albogroup pure white line

Catalog design with graphics for Melissa Professional

Concept marketing, content and Still Life photos for Soap in love

BB Color Pigma: Catalogue & Packaging Design by Helen Seward

Packaging Marketing, Concept and Communication for Helen Seward

A history of over 20 years

Studio Concept Trends & Shots is a communication agency that has expertise and skills in the Beauty and Cosmetics sectors, providing all its customers with three hundred and sixty degrees of service.
In 2001 Guido Resmini, an art director expert in communication, and the photographer and designer Tonino Borrelli, founded the agency and in a few years, following the entrepreneurial and communication skills of the two founders, together with a team of expert professionals, are the ideal partner of the most important brands in the cosmetics, skincare, and hair care sectors.
The mission of Studio Concept Trends & Shots is to produce targeted communication campaigns that, with specific and concrete choices, enhance the unique character of the brand, placing its products on the market in the most appropriate way to guarantee their success.
Packaging in the beauty sector is a fundamental aspect as it is the first point of contact between the company and the consumer. Studying in-depth the materials, the colours, and analysing the functionality can help the public to understand the character and nature of the brand and the intrinsic peculiarities of the product and its qualities. Studio Concept Trends & Shots helps its partners in these fundamental choices, from the analysis and study of ideas to the print executives.
Studio Concept Trends & Shots helps the development of a brand and its positioning in the market, through careful use of graphic design which becomes an excellent starting point for a successful visual communication strategy.
Graphic design allows companies to express their personality and all the information useful to the public to distinguish the Brand from the competitors.
The agency is also present in the development of another essential service that allows you to approach and retain the public, with an active presence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, namely the website.
To communicate the character and style of a brand uniquely and sensationally, Studio Concept Trends & Shots produces Still Life photographic campaigns with a highly emotional result that creates a decisive impact on the public. A team of experts, together with the customer, studies a creative idea, and using cutting-edge technologies, creates captivating and impactful visual masterpieces.
One of the most impactful tools in a communication campaign is undoubtedly Video Marketing. Studio Concept Trends & Shots knows how important it is to place high-quality videos on the main social platforms that know how to engage customers, talking about the history of the brand and sharing its values, to create a strong bond with the public. Emotional videos within a structured social media campaign quickly lead the brand to an important expansion and the achievement of the established objectives.