Great ideas for successful cosmetics packaging

Great ideas for successful cosmetics packaging 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Do you have a great cosmetics product to offer, but still need to find the right look for it? Are you looking for packaging solutions that will really enchant your customers? In any case, this article is for you, because we’ve brought together 8 great sources of inspiration that will really help you find the right approach. Ready?

Packaging inspired by nature

Nature is a big source of inspiration at the moment. Sustainability is the main focus of this, but we can also take aesthetic inspiration from the flora and fauna of our world. Coconut cream in a container the shape of a coconut brings an exotic flair to the bathroom shelf. You could do the same and base the symbol for your own product on one of its ingredients – a leaf, a flower, or perhaps a spice.

Cosmetics packaging that looks like something else

Amidst the endless stream of images and information that consumers are bombarded with, we can try and be disruptive, which means subverting expectations and doing anything we can to surprise people. Among the greats of this style is Moschino, which is always breaking the mold with its range of perfumes. Seeing its perfumes on shelves, you might think that the cleaning company forgot to do its job. Those who receive it as a gift may get a shock upon the removal of the wrapping paper. Of course, a well-known name can afford to style its products after tacky and low-value objects, but if your brand is still not well-known, think carefully on whether it would be appropriate to go with this method. The Moschino brand has also released its Gold range of perfumes, with an all-golden bottle, which is equally surprising but more pleasant to look at.

Cosmetics packaging with extra functions

Face powder has always been sold with mirrors, and powdered blush with brushes, because including the tool required for application completes the product. Even though people can now just use their smartphones as a mirror, you could still come up with new ideas along these lines. Guerlain, for example, sells their lipstick with a mirror. Hardly an original idea, except customers can pay extra to have it come made with various materials and patterns of their choosing. The case opens and reveals the mirror, nicely tucked away. On the site, you can thoroughly explore the packaging with a 3D image of the product. Think about what other things you could sell your product with, identifying what desires they could satisfy and how that could potentially allow you to increase the price.

Truly sustainable cosmetics packaging

Choosing your cosmetics is something very personal. Those who love and respect the environment express such a passion even when doing something like this. These days, products closest to nature express their full potential with packaging that clearly communicates the natural ingredients of the product or sustainable practices of the brand in a variety of ways. You can make use of a sustainable material, such as recycled or recyclable paper. You might perhaps save on the use of plastic, for example by getting rid of a plastic wrapper. Or you could even go with reusable packaging, made of metal or fabric. One good example is Maison Tahité Floranilla, which uses packaging made with recycled cardboard, a plant-based glue, paper made with almond shells, and on the inside a cardboard that will grow into flowers if planted. A sustainable luxury concept that can be interpreted in many different ways.

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Cosmetic packaging inspired by food

Food is one of the products that is most often bought on impulse, because it so easily tempts us. Many products are styled after food to induce that same “mouthwatering” feeling, an uncontrollable desire to have and use something. In some cases, it may just be a pleasant aroma (e.g., chocolate bubble bath), in others it may end up being the brand philosophy, as with Loli™, which sells products made only with natural ingredients.

Cosmetics packaging with a vintage flavor

How do you stand out amidst an ocean of products? Contemporary ranges with packaging inspired by old styles can have a unique effect. Bourjois offers a small blush in a vintage case that depicts views of Paris typical of souvenirs from the 1900s. Make sure, though, that your product has a spirit that aligns with this feel. Luxury products such as makeup, talcum powder, bath foam, hand cream are more suitable for this. If, on the other hand, you’re offering a state-of-the-art anti-aging cosmetic technology, it is probably better to go more for a futuristic vibe.

Customizable cosmetic packaging

Multinationals have really mastered this method, and just looking at the success of Coca Cola and Nutella customizations is enough to understand that everyone likes a tailor-made product. For their top of the range products, the big perfume companies offer a screen-printing service. Jo Malone London, master brand of packaging, does so for its bath oil and its legendary scented candles, with the customer being able to have them screen-printed with a short message or the name of the recipient. Customizable packs are usually what looks good online. The customer can choose the phrase and the typeface, with it usually being normal to have a waiting time. It lends itself best to products of a certain level of prestige, or conversely to products sold in huge quantities (such as Coca Cola and Nutella). It is an interesting idea especially when the recipients are considered “special” – partners, children, or animals (not necessarily in that order!).

Special or limited-edition packaging

Have nothing original to say? Then at least say what you have to say at the right time. From the month of October, thousands of simple test samples or travel-size cosmetics are put together into ‘luxury edition’ Advent Calendars, with 24 mini surprises. In these cases, the packaging gives new life to products that are otherwise not very attractive, because they’re put on sale in the right way, at the right time. To find a good time for your product, look at the calendar and find events that are often posted about on social media. Your packaging can wear a tie for Father’s Day, it can hold a pencil and become a back-to-school surprise, or it can turn into a fan and become a Summer Edition. The idea of it being limited will convey a sense of urgency. If you’re looking for more ideas on cosmetics packaging, also take a look at this article!

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