Artificial intelligence and chatbots for cosmetics: what to know?

Artificial intelligence and chatbots for cosmetics: what to know? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

The technological wave is also sweeping over the cosmetics industry, and there are many opportunities for a real revolution.

At Studio Concept, we stand alongside brands that focus on quality and innovation, anticipating the times to master the future. In this context, we highlight our commitment to the creation of still life photography for cosmetics, an approach that emphasises the beauty and essence of the products through carefully detailed images, to capture the attention of the increasingly demanding modern consumer.

The evolution of artificial intelligence in the beauty and cosmetics industry

The principle was the quick questionnaires, which already a few years ago aimed to guide the customer in his choice, but the result was not always successful. Things have changed.

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are two sides of the same coin, the future is already here through tools that aim to enhance the customer experience. The beauty industry can only benefit from this.

Saying AI means immediately thinking of shopping indexation, even online customers can enjoy personalised assistance in choosing the most effective product. The breakthrough starts with machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques that virtualise the classic figure of the salesperson.

Algorithms have infected even the most traditional influencer marketing, even trendsetters now have an extra tool to measure their approval rating. It is no coincidence that big brands in the beauty industry use tools that assign a monetary value to posts.

The traditional supply chain – the supply chain, in more technical jargon – is being optimised by artificial intelligence. Algorithms analyse customer data to take a snapshot of the most popular incarnation and anticipate the most conspicuous requests.

Innovative strategies: Chatbots and AI at the service of cosmetics brands

To have an assistant who can really satisfy even the most complicated requests, that is the dream of almost every online customer. Artificial intelligence even defies the dream and brings it back into the realm of routine, direct personalised chats are now a reality.

The chatbot can invite answers to specific questions, channelling the search in the direction best suited to the customer’s needs. This can be useful, for instance, when searching for a gift.

The strength of the technology lies in its multi-platform function, which builds an effective strategy for the most important brands. Being there requires a strong commitment but the increased resources guarantee an exponential return.

Then there is the more practical aspect, the chatbot offers the most appropriate response within the lightning-fast AI timescale; the customer values a smooth experience starting with the choice of product.

The limit of technology lies in the customer’s desire to interact with humans. According to a high percentage of opinions, empathy must be the ultimate yardstick to validate the results of the assistant bot. The figure of the personal assistant is not overturned but simply redesigned.

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Emerging technologies: augmented and virtual reality in the cosmetics world

Compounded by the demands of pandemic times, AR and virtual cosmetics have also increasingly taken their place in real-world shopping. Technologies of this kind represent a real opportunity.

The virtual try-on is a powerful tool when you consider that so many people now spend most of their time on their smartphones. Cosmetics brands have not let the opportunity pass them by.

All it takes is a simple app and a camera to test shades directly on one’s own image. Virtual reality starts by analysing skin patterns and returning the most suitable cosmetic to the user.

Choosing the most suitable palette no longer requires testing the product on the skin, a simple click is enough to try out all the available combinations. The added value lies in the practicality of the tool as the test can no longer take place in the physical store.

The user has one more tool to clarify ideas, but also brands can count on more effective data collection for the development of increasingly customised cosmetic lines.

Impact of AI on customer services in the beauty sector

As the level of brand recognition increases, but so does the industry’s development potential, artificial intelligence is increasingly set to change the shape of the cosmetics business.

There are those who view evolution as a threat, in reality the latest technologies can be a more effective way to take the cosmetics market to the next level. Algorithms do not replace the value of human advice but can create greater awareness.

The contribution of AI is bound to enhance customer care, increasingly increasing customer engagement. The presence of the brand on multiple channels can therefore multiply the flow of interest.

As the numbers grow, artificial intelligence may be the catalyst in an expansion of markets. Indeed, the future is dressed in a smarter interpretation, capable of providing solutions in a few quick taps.

Tomorrow requires large investments to implement machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies: the race is on. As always, the winner is the one who will be among the first.

The use of artificial intelligence and chatbots in the cosmetics industry represents not only an emerging trend, but a real revolution that is reshaping the way brands interact with their customers. These technologies, from augmented reality to machine learning, are bridging the gap between consumers’ rising expectations and brands’ ability to deliver personalised, efficient and engaging experiences.

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