What are the best cosmetics brands on trend?

What are the best cosmetics brands on trend? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Talking about oneself in a product is the challenge from the outset for cosmetic marketing. You can start with the quality of the ingredients in a formula that is different from others, the reality is that others can do it too.

At Studio Concept, we like to analyse the brand in order to highlight the aspects that distinguish it from all others, this is the strength of a communication that reaches out. Here are some of the brands that have succeeded.

Drunkelephant: the drunken elephant to rediscover natural beauty

Here, communication takes itself exactly where it should be: in the middle of customer needs. The whole thing stems from a clear request, the brand was born precisely in response to the need to solve a problem. Rebalancing the skin means understanding what is wrong, so communication becomes the centre.

The philosophy of the brand is liked precisely because it sets in motion a community of people who share a solution; the imprint is the classic one based on respect for the skin, but the real revolution lies in the level of communication that exalts a return to the essential. Simple and effective molecules are helped by a communication that appeals because it aims at the target.

Theordinary: quality cosmetic products

Starting from one’s own weaknesses can bring the brand closer to the customer’s dimension, and this becomes even more valuable when the weaknesses themselves are the focus of the challenge. The company’s story is everyone’s, it embodies the values of togetherness that help overcome common limitations. Communication works here.

The sense of success is also measured in the quality in relation to the benefit of the offer, the brand’s approach to the market is one that takes quality into account but never puts convenience aside. The result is in the approval by the customer who recognises and rewards the deep respect for him. The point is to win together.

Byoma: skin care and skin barrier enhancement

The secret of success can start simply by observing, the birth of the brand has something magical about it. The brand’s adventure starts in the midst of the pandemic, perhaps it is precisely the context of the “do-it-yourself make-up factory” that suggested a need and inspired the founder on the brand identity.

Escaping from excess but learning to take care of one’s skin, going beyond mere appearance to finally reclaim one’s own being: these are the concepts behind the brand. The offer points straight at a clientele that is indeed young but also environmentally aware. The success is in irresistible packaging, low prices and quality that arrives.

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Skinfirstcosmetics: healthy skin and tangible results

Aiming for beauty is important but it is not enough for those who have decided to make leather their focus, this is what the brand communicates. It all starts with the desire to listen to the needs of a community, understanding is the fundamental step in order to develop products capable of providing an effective response.

Skin comes first, here we rely on a professional, research-based approach. The secret of success lies in the work behind it, there is a willingness to overcome common market barriers to propose a solution with added technical value. The skin is at the centre, the customer appreciates this.

Goovi: natural ingredients and Good Vibes philosophy

When the brand starts from a simple approach, the customer appreciates its effectiveness from the very first moment. Here the secret lies in providing an answer but above all in succeeding in conveying an alternative lifestyle, positive precisely because it is based on the concepts of nature at the service of everyday beauty.

The message is entrusted to the co-founder, Michelle Hunziker is a true icon of a smile. Herein lies the power of a message that is strong in itself but also amplified by the person who launches it. The way of simplicity makes routines more effective, improves the quality of life and respects nature. Success is here.

Skknbykim: skin rejuvenation and nourishment

Even the stars may suffer but their strength is in always being above their problems, herein lies the greatness of a message that reaches the audience and wins them over. The intent starts from a problem to find a solution within everyone’s reach, the message is clothed in reflected strength.

The brand focuses on quality to bring superior cosmetics within everyone’s reach. The great baggage starts with the best experts in dermatology, the effect is a product that cares for the skin and aims at its rejuvenation. All this is seasoned with a sensitive approach to environmental sustainability. Every problem is a challenge to be solved, says the iconic Kim.

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Every major cosmetics brand is born from a strong communication idea, a key concept that guides the development of the brand and its growth. Take for example Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, who successfully launched their own beauty brands. These celebrities identified market trends and specific consumer needs to achieve success.

Communication and expansion of the target audience have been key strategies for these and many other beauty brands.

We as a communication agency can design the communication of your cosmetics line in a unique, creative and original way. We create a coherent storytelling that reflects your brand identity and meets the needs of your audience. Through a well-planned communication strategy, we can help you position your cosmetic brand in the market and build a strong relationship with your consumers. Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation to understand how we can help you with your cosmetic project.

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