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Several examples of simple and in set still lifes

We create still-life photographic sets for cosmetics, whether using the cosmetic packaging alone or with full-blown sets. Still life photography, also called product photography, aims to best represent the object being photographed with as much detail as possible.

Another important aspect to consider concerns the message you wish your products to convey. We work with the company to define the best visual communication for the product.

We also look after post-production.

You may have already heard the term “post-production” or “post-processing” in photography. “Production” is what happens on-site or in the photographic set at the exact moment the camera snaps the photo or shoots the film. Post-production or post-processing are two terms to indicate all that which happens after the photos and film have been taken. Harnessing the power of software for photographic post-production is essential nowadays in order to give even more meaning to the photo, editing and correcting characteristics such as sharpness, noise, colour, exposure, and more.

In an image-conscious era such as this, where people very quickly scroll the pages of a website or magazine, the time window in which an advertisement needs to capture the reader or user’s attention is reduced to merely seconds.

Our team of experts boasts an impressive skill set in photography, design, art direction, and communication. Thanks to many years of experience in this field, we are very familiar with the techniques necessary to create a high-impact image. We will succeed in creating the perfect setting, with the right level of light to create plays of colour and shade to best enhance the product.

To create images and photos able to best represent the brand, we will work together to understand the needs of your business, your desired brand positioning in the market, and the company values you wish to promote. We will identify the best communication strategy to convey just the right message. We will adopt an elegant style for luxury brands, for example, where exclusivity is the key aspect, or a creative style for innovative companies which claim to be one step ahead of the times.

Our still life photo shoots always pursue a sophisticated, yet at the same time exclusive charm. Attention to detail is one of our most distinctive traits, because it is precisely from the little things or apparently minor aspects that masterpieces are born.

Even the choice of dominating colours will be determined based on the emotion that needs to be aroused in customers, and lastly, we will propose several different versions best suited to the end user (advertising in magazines, catalogues, social media posts).

Before taking the shots, we will propose numerous different solutions and show you a draft of the final result, working together to define any adjustments and possible improvements.

During shooting, many different shots will be taken precisely to ensure a broad selection from which to choose the ones that most satisfy your expectations.

We will advise and guide you in developing a marketing image during every stage of the process with professionalism and creativity, forever our most distinctive traits. We have been working with companies for many years to understand their needs and the message they wish to convey, in order to subsequently propose and develop high-quality solutions with authentic and moving photos.

We believe in the power and impact of photos and are at your complete service to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

There are various photographic sets within the agency for the in-house creation of still life products: from the simplest representations of cosmetic packaging to complex creations placed in a set to better communicate the mood and values of the brand.

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We are highly skilled in advanced photographic post-production, 3D reconstructions, photographic renderings and in all product image, bulk, swatch, colour, texture and finish processing.

What is product or commercial photography?

To demonstrate the high quality of your products, you will need not only images, but also an entire series of tools designed to convey trust and transparency to the customer.

What would your impression be if you were to walk into a messy store with goods spread all over the place? When consumers prepare to purchase a product, they look for tangible proof of its value and quality. This is precisely why the image needs to provide a first impression, which will then accompany customers throughout the entire process until they make their purchase.

In both the marketing and business world, images are essential in establishing an initial contact with the future customer and with what one intends to sell.

Commercial photography is essential, particularly in the beauty and cosmetics industry, in order to convey all of the company’s founding values, but also to provide a clear and specific vision of the products that will subsequently be bought.

Images, in fact, are the first impression we have when we see a product, and if it is positive, the customer is more likely to stay on the page and make a purchase.

Commercial photography is one of the most important themes in the marketing sector: in this case, it is a question of animating the advertisement with something more tangible, transmitting all the substance behind the product one intends to sell.

Commercial photography is always important, but in the beauty and cosmetics industry, even more so. The principle of make-up, for example, is based on the transmission of emotions and moods, demonstrating a specific art on one’s own skin.

Commercial photography gets straight to the point with ease, without needing to use words or any type of rational discourse: one simply needs to consider the initial aim, that is, to convey emotions and everything a certain product represents for the person who is buying it.

In order to implement commercial photography, it is important to turn to industry experts: this is the only way to truly add value to whatever is being displayed.

At Studio Concept, we are specialised in product still lifes; you can find most of our projects on this page: Cosmetics Projects and Marketing.

Even post-production is important to make sure the photo is appealing and has an impact on customers, who will be more inclined to take interest in the product being sold, and possibly finalise the purchase.

In short, it doesn’t take much to give a real boost to the marketing of your e-commerce site, which needs more creativity in order to stimulate purchases by future customers. The commercial photography of a product is just one of the many methods we use to make all this a reality and effective!

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