Gamification for Beauty and Cosmetics brands: Marketing Strategy

Gamification for Beauty and Cosmetics brands: Marketing Strategy 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

The future of communication in cosmetics? It’s all at stake, no indeed: it’s all a game! We at Studio Concept, experts in cosmetic marketing, support your choices, put effective communication at the centre and provide the tools for conscious growth. Here are the whys behind gamification.

How to introduce gamification in marketing?

Before any further steps, it is useful to clarify what gamification consists of. Today’s marketing is increasingly geared towards using games as a strategy to polarise the customer’s interest by enabling them to take an active role. The target group gets involved and at the same time motivated, the sense of brand reliability gains.

However, it is necessary to have clear objectives and to define the users at whom the game is aimed; analysis is essential for the technique to work.

Brainstorming must therefore drive the design of the game, it will be testing that will stimulate any corrections. The launch allows feeds to be gathered, it will be the analysis of the data that will decide the outcome. The key word is therefore “clarity” from the first step.

What is it and what are the benefits?

A brief mention is not exhaustive, here we delve into the essence of the underlying technique. Turning promotional communication into a game means seizing the playful aspect to engage the audience’s attention. However, it is necessary to define the most appropriate form, the strategies are varied and not all of them could stimulate the target in the same way.

Games based on luck, quizzes, skill tests could be some of the forms: the secret lies in customer analysis. If expressed effectively, the technique brings a noticeable gain: growth in engagement numbers and brand awareness are the basis, plus easier profiling and the triggering of a Buzz chain. The benefits are manifold.

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Motivation and game mechanics

Probably all of us in life have experienced the feeling of being imposed upon, already thinking back to the overwhelming feeling of performing a task just because it is dictated: here, gamification points in exactly the opposite direction.

Motivation is the added value in conveying a message through play, the target audience indirectly becomes a conscious actor and experiences the acquisition of communication as an achievement.

We could think of the example of a quiz that guides the target audience to guess the product from its INCI: the attention is experienced, the playful aspect entertains and the message is actively passed on.

The convergence of the worlds of cosmetics and video games

If we had ventured a connection between the beauty industry and the world of gaming a few years ago, we would probably have been completely off the mark.

However, evolving trends, the indirect result of contingent realities, have seen a sharp turn of the beauty sector in favour of e-games. Gender definitions are evolving and doing so along with needs, customs are changing, so the clear boundary between once distant worlds is lost.

The success of gamification is also due to this, direct experience confirms this.

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The evolution of the cosmetics sector during the pandemic

There is no doubt that the pandemic event has literally ripped customers away from physical outlets and forced an adaptation towards the virtual.

The involvement in the physical store therefore had to be recovered, recreating it through augmented reality was the only way. Dedicated apps visibly contributed to recreating the effects of make-up tests through virtual filters. The customer found in virtual reality a means to experience an aseptic and therefore safer experience. This constitutes an asset to be preserved for gamification.

The innovation of test apps for brands such as Sephora, Nars and Bobbi Brown

Test tool or real filter to use?

As is always the case, innovations are able to push the custom far beyond initial expectations. Virtual products, launched as test tools, have indeed shifted the centre of commerce to direct contact with the customer.

Launching a line but also creating a brand means communicating using increasingly immersive tools, so the professional approach becomes the only way to be there.

L’Oreal and the Signature Faces Collection: digital make-up

Finding the most suitable product for our complexion in just one click, this is the revolution introduced by the French brand.

The increasing use of remote meetings has opened up the interpretation of make-up in a virtual key, here gamification introduces an experiential level and provides a tool that can be used in augmented reality.

Experiencing a texture in the virtual helps to appropriate the product also in real use.

The future of immersive cosmetics and gamification

Web 3.0 is the basis that projects the needs of the real world into the dynamics of the metaverse.

Here, gamification further evolves from a communication tool to the primary object of attention. Virtual reality application is the way to get closer to customer needs. Communication approaches cross-channel approaches by aiming at engagement across multiple dimensions.

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