E-commerce of cosmetics: which platform to use?

E-commerce of cosmetics: which platform to use? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Nowadays, selling cosmetics using a website is really easy, so much so that more and more companies in the cosmetics industry are landing on the Internet.

The many marketing tools available, as well as the platforms for setting up eshops, are conducive to online sales. Thanks to the latter, in particular, it is possible to set up a personal shop in a very short time.

By relying on us at Studio Concept you can count on a company specialised in the creation of e-commerce for beauty sites, capable of directing you to the best platform for your company’s needs.

Which e-commerce platform to use for a shop?

As mentioned in the previous lines, today there is a not inconsiderable number of platforms to choose from. It is precisely this wealth of options that may make it more difficult than expected to find the most suitable solution for your business.

A platform that “works” must be able to create a user-friendly, secure, fast and SEO-optimised website. Ranking among the first search engine results will lead potential customers to locate your site without wasting time.

Are you wondering if there is only one platform that can be defined as “best”?

The answer cannot be positive, as it will be necessary to consider the functionalities that the company under consideration considers essential, and the reliability of the platform in relation to the project. The available budget will also have to be assessed.

WordPress for start-ups, the best solution

WordPress is a content management system under the “GNU” licence. The acronym for “General Public License” indicates how, by choosing this platform, it is possible even for non-developers to create and update a website quickly and easily.

It is no coincidence that several start-ups are taking advantage of it. Also attracting companies to WordPress are the availability of thousands of themes and plugins (to change its appearance or add functionality), its ease of installation and the fact that it allows a responsive site to be created.

We also remind you how WordPress “likes” Google. With a good ranking on this search engine you will benefit in terms of visibility, traffic and number of new customers.

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Shopify, is it the right CMS to use?

Shopify is also among the best-known and most popular platforms for ecommerce users looking for a reliable CMS. It offers numerous functions, leaving the user the possibility of choosing from an unlimited number of Apps in order to obtain additional services.

As it is a “host” type solution, you will not have to worry about buying a domain, or installing software. Please bear in mind that Shopify is especially suitable for stores with a catalogue with not too many articles.

Another negative aspect of Shopify? Its costs. The basic version, for instance, offers 3 different subscription plans. Finally, it is also less flexible than WordPress.

Magento: for brands launched with many products

The open source Magento platform is adept at optimally managing stores with tens of thousands of articles. At the same time, it has for years allowed the integration of functions from scratch at a cost that is normally only attributable to the purchase of the module.

If you feel that your business needs a very high degree of customisation, Magento appears to be the most flexible option in this respect.

Another strong point is the presence of far more templates than Shopify. As it is open source software, there are no installation costs. For some time now, a more modern version has also been available, which goes by the name of Magento 2.

At Studio Concept we rely on Magento for the management of projects of significant size. With this option, you will have an even more modern, high-performance and efficient platform in your hands.

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Costs to consider for a cosmetics e-commerce


Hosting represents the service that enables a website, or a web service, to become globally accessible on the Internet. It therefore constitutes that service created to allow a private individual or company to publish site files on the Net, making them accessible to anyone surfing the Web.

Web hosting is the process by which space is purchased or rented. In order for content such as HTML, images and CSS to be visible online, it must be hosted by a hosting company. In terms of costs, the monthly fee is in the price range of between EUR 15 and EUR 30.

Customised Theme or Design

Making use of already available templates or themes means fewer problems for an eshop in setting them up as desired. But turning to a web agency and asking them to create a customised design will guarantee more originality for the pages.

It is precisely the fact that they are not very customisable (both graphically and in terms of the functionality offered) that is the main problem with commercial templates.

A customised website, on the other hand, will be more flexible, and provide effective branding. In addition to being unique, a design must be easily recognisable. A neat design will certainly give the site a more professional appearance, facilitating the conversion process to customer.

Marketing and SEO

At Studio Concept, as a web agency specialising in digital beauty marketing, we offer SEO services, optimising sites in the eyes of search engines.

Through numerous marketing services, we help to give the image of individual clients the uniqueness they need to make themselves known and grow quickly. The goal of our work is to create video and image content from which the values and goals of the cosmetics brand shine through.

Services and projects are highly specialised thanks to a team engaged in the creation of websites and e-commerce on the major CMS platforms.

Design your e-commerce with us at Studio Concept

A well-structured online shop is definitely the starting point for the growth of a business.

At the same time, the prestige of the brand increases. The web represents a really important showcase for those who wish to promote their business.

A small investment can lead to results that exceed expectations and, above all, are better than those obtainable from any other marketing campaign. For what is desired to become a reality, it is essential that a website has certain characteristics, designed to make it easier to achieve an adequate level of sales.

Studio Concept provides companies with user-friendly sites and high-quality content (from text to video). If having an excellent cosmetics catalogue is essential, so is presenting it in the best possible way.

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