How to engage customers with interactive packaging?

How to engage customers with interactive packaging? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

The dynamics of choice evolve to target the customer directly, emerging is not easy in an industry that is constantly expanding.

Studio Concept has a wealth of experience in designing cosmetic packaging that works, to interact is to undertake an effective communication channel.

To arrive is to let oneself be chosen, these are the ingredients for a formula capable of capturing the customer in a direct way. Packaging finally communicates.

What is Interactive Packaging? What is it for?

+45%, +70% + 100% might appear to be three simple percentage figures, but these encapsulate the power that the new packaging frontier can express. The percentages refer respectively to the increase in customer attention, memorisation and involvement. These are figures that ordinary marketers could only dream of.

The concept behind interactive packaging addresses active action on the part of the target audience vis-à-vis the packaging, in reality it is a reciprocal relationship in which the seller entrusts content to what he would not have had before. Technology, inclusion, storytelling and appeal to the senses are the ways to get there.

Augmented Reality and Qr Code

Who uses smartphones? Here, the answer could be very close to a plebiscite. The technological support thus becomes a natural extension of the packaging, the manufacturer can entrust you with a message through augmented reality or by scanning a small QR code. Just take a simple photo to get the content designed ad hoc.

Have an animation appear in real time or perhaps, why not, be able to consult the product catalogue that matches what has just been scanned. In our experience, we often add barcodes for redirection to brand catalogues. Packaging becomes an active element in marketing.

Inclusive Packaging

Looking beyond means facing up to the reality even of those who do not have the same means to do so, including different abilities is a sign of real progress. The cosmetics industry is among the most open to change, even when it comes to allowing everyone the same sensory experiences.

Braille packaging for the visually impaired, audible explanations but also clearly distinguishable characters are just a few ideas for bringing communication truly to the level of everyone. The customer benefits and the brand image gains, the packaging becomes a vehicle for inclusive marketing for real. Selling to everyone means thinking of everyone.

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Packaging and Storytelling

Entrusting packaging with a story means entering a more intimate dimension and thus taking communication to a more direct level. Ways can be through a composition of collectible packaging, perhaps to reproduce an overall image. This is an effective way to imprint one’s brand in the collective imagination, the brand is elevated to the level of icon.

The interaction can follow the verbal channel or simply the visual one, what counts is to create a direct link between the brand and its target. Understanding the customer is the best way to entrust your message to this type of packaging, emotions are a powerful tool.

Multisensory packaging using the senses

What if the label did not just have to be read? Packaging rises to a level capable of capturing multiple senses: touch and sight, but also smell are the sensory channels to focus on in cosmetics sales strategies. Virtual sensory experiences are the future, and it is possible to be ahead of the times and do it in an easier way.

A tester of the essences in the product, a try-on that reproduces the texture or even a simple variation of traditional packaging. These are recurring patterns in choosing a different approach: the market offers hundreds of similar products, standing out can make a real difference.

L’Oréal and the virtual catalogue

Major brands have long since grasped the potential inherent in interactive packaging. One among many, the French brand has entrusted the virtual medium with a proactive tool capable of predicting the effect of the choice at the time of purchase. It all starts with a simple QR link that invites you to capture an image of your face.

Subsequent steps turn one’s smartphone into a test studio of the proposed solutions, the customer tests the lines and approaches the purchase in a more conscious manner. The result is certainly an effective choice, the brand entrusts communication to a packaging capable of connecting and creating a direct link with the consumer. Interacting is the way to get there, the future is today.

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