How to photograph cosmetic products for e-commerce

How to photograph cosmetic products for e-commerce 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Each product is born from research aimed at offering new solutions, the cosmetics market requires a clear distinction in order to stand out among the many. The photography of cosmetic products for e-commerce must be able to go along with the push towards distinction but must also adhere to the standards of online sales, herein lies the challenge in photography that must evolve. We are Studio Concept and offer our experience for incisive communication, starting with images.

Priority in make-up photography

The main rule is to make reality simply more appealing, but reality always has to be reality. Cosmetic photography has the priority of showing what the e-commerce sells as the aim is to encourage choice on the part of the user. Reality wins if it is conveyed through an image capable of enhancing its characteristics, the quality of the shot passes through work on the rendering in terms of colour and texture of the cosmetic, then there is the packaging to emphasise its value.

Colour: the true essence of the product

Here, the choice of lighting plays a special role. A glossy product, for example, must let itself be appreciated with the use of a targeted reflection. Where natural lighting is a rule in cosmetic still life, the demonstration shot must sum up the intrinsic characteristics of the product in the image.

Light and colour are two sides of the same coin, the enhancement of cosmetics is the result of this indivisible union. The definition of the image is fundamental, shots with a wide aperture allow a more accurate photograph to be obtained. Attention must be paid to post-production because colour must guarantee the photographic rendering of a real product.

Textures: the importance of displaying them correctly

If colour is the master in the representation of make-up lines, textures are the essential in the representation of skin products but also for creams and other hair cosmetics. Here, cosmetic photography has to make the most of macro functions.

One of the possible solutions is bulk product photos, this interpretation gives a closer image of the textures so as to be more useful for choice. Whether it is a product with an oily or silky texture, cosmetic photography can play on lighting and reflections to achieve a true rendition.

Packaging beauty: how to enhance special finishes

Settings play at least as important a role as brand visibility, it is this detail that can provide direct feedback from the customer. The user of the image can entrust the choice to the personal experience with the portrayed brand, its visibility encourages conversion.

Packaging is the element that most opens up the field to the art of composition, the rules to follow are those that ensure balance between the objects in the photograph. Allowing space for the packaging does not mean disrupting the harmony of the elements. The props have the pure purpose of enhancing the product.

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Current trends in cosmetic photography

Long gone are the days of the 56K, when even the background colour could affect the weight of an image on the Web. The big boys in online commerce have done the rest, and here are some of the reasons why the white background has always been the favourite. The trend is changing, however.

The classic white background: clean and distraction-free

The revolution in commercial still life seems to be starting in cosmetics. More and more companies are moving away from white and pioneering a modern transition to colour, e-shops are timidly accepting the change.

History of photography aside, white is confirmed as the choice not only for compliance with standards. The neutral background allows a more effective management of light but above all opens up the image to reworking in post-production.

Light setting: playing with shadows and reflections

Setting management is a strategy that can increase the success of a cosmetics campaign. E-commerce photography must offer an optimal rendering of the product’s characteristics, while at the same time standing out from the crowd in order to stand out.

White gives way to muted colours but above all to mixes of shadows, photography plays with the direction of light to create a distinctive point of view. Standard formats risk making the showcase too homogeneous, shadows and reflections distinguish without distorting.

The physical bulk: showing the product in a creative way

The most direct way shows the cosmetic in its form, photography is called upon to render the characteristics of the product in its specifics. The challenge is to describe the details by drawing on creativity but without trespassing on reality.

One can work on asymmetries and play on colour combinations but without falling into the “too artistic”: the shot must show the product on a sales platform, the skill lies in succeeding in a different way. Distinguishing does not mean distorting, the customer rewards reality.

Navigating the ocean of cosmetic e-commerce, photography emerges as a guiding beacon, drawing visual pathways that take the customer on a journey through the beauty, quality and uniqueness of products. In this journey, every detail counts: from the vibrant colour to the inviting texture, from the elegance of the packaging to the exhilarating setting, every element contributes to a powerful and persuasive visual narrative.

Studio Concept strives to capture the essence of cosmetic products, ensuring that each image is not just a representation, but an authentic resonance of the value and appeal that each product carries.

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