How to photograph make-up products?

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Still life in cosmetics draws interest from trends. Photography aims for performance but must also be visually appealing. The choices can only follow the varied interpretation of light and framing, these are the elements of a photograph in step with the latest trends. We are Studio Concept and offer our experience at the service of incoming communication.

The importance of colour rendering in make-up

Proposing a cosmetic article means playing the whole game on the rendering of images, the first communication in fact uses the visual channel alone to attract the customer’s attention. The time available is very short, the target’s attention can be captured in a matter of moments. The target is perfection, starting with colour rendering.

Long gone are the days of incandescent lights, the beloved light sources that gave photography CRIs very close to the full score of the sun. Current trends are moving towards LEDs, which help save energy but are not as allied to real image rendering. The colour rendering index is a parameter to be considered but above all a problem to be overcome.

Natural sunlight has a CRI of 100, it guarantees natural product colour rendering. This is the explanation why the natural source, at least in still life presentation in cosmetics, is a real godsend. It is true that every professional knows the right moment, the “golden hour” to find the ideal shot. There is an alternative: it is described by the CRI value of the light source.

From static photos to dynamic shots: the evolution of trends

We have to start with a small assumption: man is an intelligent being because he starts by being curious. This paves the way for the latest trends in cosmetic presentation in still life. One could start with a simple question: is one attracted more by an object in perfect balance or one that is poised?

It is self-evident that primal instincts stimulate the sense of alertness when faced with an image that communicates instability, the effect is to arrive through a shot that draws the observer’s attention. This tendency gives a dynamism that is often unusual in a classic still life, it is precisely the novelty that stimulates the observer’s curiosity and the detail thus finds its channel of communication.

Dynamism is played out on the lines to be summed up in more intriguing angles, a picture that goes against the concept of static symmetry. Flying materials are introduced and diagonals are exploited for a play on shapes that meets the demands of a living communication. The dynamism emphasises the colours, the oblique lines make the product even more attractive.

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Success Story – Kiko’s “Flying” Photos

One of the jobs we did was for Kiko’s web portal. Here our studio aimed to dynamise the concept of still life in order to use exactly the primordial call to attention on the part of the observer. The concept was to introduce a “flying” element to catalyse attention and tell a story.

Introducing each collection with a “flying” photo meant working a lot on the three-dimensionality of the image. Here still life evolves and goes beyond the concept of flat framing and symmetrical handling of reflections. Dynamism is introduced by the props but is also accompanied by a very special study in framing.

Dynamising the image involved exposing details that are usually hidden in the more canonical still life. Breaking the mould was our proposal, we needed to break out of the rules to open up an extra channel of communication. The power of still life is also in a communication that evolves and shows the side hidden, until now, by the traditional perspective.

Practical tips for successful make-up photography

Following the rules of the perfect still life requires study, commitment and lots of practice. However, the professional approach is also able to add that something extra, its application in make-up products is a test bench that always offers ample creative input.

Product photography is not always the same, cosmetic still life changes depending on the surface of the product but also on the use of the image. Photographing for an e-commerce is not at all the same as shooting for a stylish website or a full-line advertising campaign. The concept of framing composition changes, there is a different work on dynamism and the choice of angles.

Working on the lighting is always the first tip, a flat light approach can not always make the product stand out. Even a studied shadow can have its communicative sense. Focusing on the background is important, this must be taken care of but it is not enough. The communication that arrives is also played out through the directions of the framing. Still life is study, the right shot arrives.

In a world where image reigns supreme, make-up product photography is constantly evolving, adapting and reinventing itself in response to changing trends and public expectations. Our journey through the art of cosmetic photography allowed us to explore several crucial aspects: from the importance of colour rendition, to the dynamic evolution of shots, to practical tips for capturing images that effectively communicate the essence of products.

Success in make-up photography lies in skillfully balancing technique and creativity. It is essential to make room for innovation, breaking traditional patterns and daring with new perspectives and compositions. Every detail, from the light to the framing, from the background to the arrangement of products, contributes to defining the uniqueness of the image, making it a powerful visual communication tool.

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