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Professional photos for your cosmetics shop on Amazon 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

The game is played in a few moments, the time of a glance draws the line between capturing attention or giving in to oblivion. Amazon is an incredible container of products, here the conceptual image must express even greater strength in order not to lag behind the competitors. At Studio Concept we offer design and graphic services for cosmetic packaging, still life but also video strategies to ensure effective communication between the company and the end customer.

Case Study by Studio Concept: Still life for Equilibra moisturising cream

The main concept of this campaign was the natural origin of the product. Here the photographic style offered the most suitable tools to get the message across clearly but also instantaneously; extrapolating the essence of the product had the effect of associating its strength in an instant. Each shot emphasised the green of the Aloe vera, the fresh ingredient that characterises the cream.

From the study of the exposures to the choice of enriching the set with fresh drops on the leaves of the plant, every detail here was aimed at conveying the visual impression of the immediate effect that the product can express. This aspect characterises the still life shoot but appears in a direct link with the graphic design of the packaging for the line. The effect is an image that responds to the need for which the product was conceived.

Still life set photos of the cosmetic product

Amazon is a sales context that requires the strict application of certain parameters for the publication of product images, but there is also the possibility to play on the settings in still life representations. Here comes into play the possibility of varying the backgrounds but also the type of lighting, the beauty lies in respecting the canons for the photography of objects but introducing a thread that leads to the underlying concept.

Cosmetic products often belong to a range, there is a need to use a setting that does not vary the lighting effects for each individual product. An effective study of exposures is needed upstream, the rest must be entrusted to professional execution to make the shot perfect already au naturel. Optimal post-production is what enhances the strength of a quality shoot.

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High-resolution photo on white background

The first image can only employ a pure white background, this is the standard assumption that the main photo must have on the Amazon store. This is where the image strategy has to overcome itself, every aspect has to be focused on the product alone. In the case of cosmetic articles, the very essence of the product can come to the rescue: the key to a quality shot is in the careful analysis of the packaging.

Photographing on white means paying the utmost attention to lighting and image saturation, here set preparation is key. You need to make war on dust and polish the products, this will prevent too aggressive post-editing. Then there is the focus on resolution: you cannot go below 1,500 pixels, so you work with the search for detail in the zoom function. Perfection makes all the difference.

Photomontages and post-production

The flawless main photo is a good hook that leads the potential customer to scroll through the subsequent images, here there is room for a more expressive still life, but one can also range with effective infographics. The cosmetics sector offers a wide field to the power of images, there are various approaches in the interpretation of the product. From the choice of an attractive background to the addition of objects related to the ingredients, the important thing is to arrive.

Selling on Amazon also requires a suitable strategy in image processing. Here, product information must be conveyed clearly already from the illustrations. Inserting the important details is the step that multiplies the chances of conversion; online shopping is a fast process, therefore, must rely on equally fast tools. This is where the value of effective post-production is appreciated.

Cosmetic product video

While in other sectors the purpose can also be limited to the demonstration of features and strengths, the product video in the cosmetics sector must also highlight details invisible to the eye. An effective sequence is one that enhances the colours and texture of the cosmetic, for perfumes it is also interesting to use smoke effects against a contrasting background.

Attention to detail also passes through the choice of images, illustrating the product is important, but emotion is fundamental. Here lies the strength of a particularly powerful tool, the marketing strategy entrusts the concept to a story and this passes through emotions. Quality is the added value, the result is a matter of choice.

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