Marketing beauty salons with Instagram: tips and ideas

Marketing beauty salons with Instagram: tips and ideas 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

The numbers are well known to frequenters of social photography, the platform has gone from being considered a collective phenomenon to becoming a professional reference for social marketing. We at Studio Concept support companies through packaging design, still life shooting and web communication projects. Here we take an in-depth look at the social approach in cosmetics, here’s how Instagram and cosmetics can make a difference to companies’ business.

How to increase customers in your beauty centre?

Looking at the major social networks can be an interesting option among marketing strategies for beauty salons, but the approach needs to be well thought out as large numbers may not prove to be good friends. The watchword is quality rather than quantity; targeting contacts can in fact guarantee a wider margin of effectiveness.

Don’t act like an influencer: here’s what you should do. Instagram and related channels can be an effective source for adding contacts that convert into a real return. The company profile must be eye-catching and never monotonous, capturing is therefore the key element. The result pays off.

Optimise your profile photo and biography

Presenting yourself in the right way is the element that can make the difference right from the start, the profile photo already says a lot. A clearly recognisable logo is the preferred element if the business has an established company profile, but in some cases it is preferable for the profile photo to match that of the owner. This is one of the solutions most often adopted by businesses in their infancy, but this does not make it any less effective: much depends on the type of approach to customers. The biography must ensure professionalism but also communicate visually, emoji can give a more personal touch.

Post photos with reviews or testimonials

Trusted regulars here are called upon to contribute, a profile that works must engage customers and leave room for their opinions. Not all users of a beauty salon are motivated to lend active support, which is why historical customers can be the effective resource. Before anything else, it is necessary to ask for consent to publish their image, you can then think about posting photos with the before and after treatment also adding a comment on the result. Imprinting a more emotional cut can touch a sphere that brings the new customer closer.

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Collaboration with local influencers

Taking care of social marketing can only be plausible when the business is in its infancy, the volume of customers is still small and allows space to post content and organise news on the profile. However, a professional is needed to nurture the results, demand is the key to fueling the engine of a business that is already working. Enter the social media manager and the collaboration with influencers, the analytical approach allows a diversification in the volume of followers. The professional knows how to assess the goodness of the contacts presented to ensure an effective return. Here is the value in choosing local influencers.

Post offers, promotions and discounts Instagram stories

Generating content is indeed important, but the number of endorsements is only a reservoir from which to gain more customers. Conversion is not a consequential step, classic social communication can immediately lower the level of attention towards the brand: it is necessary to entice the user. Channeling promotional initiatives to Instagram stories is a step that offers immediate benefits, the customer finds an incentive and responds through direct feedback. The added value lies in the possibility of monitoring the response to promotions on social, the effect can in fact vary depending on the solution devised. Starting from this data allows you to plan promotions effectively.

Create informative video tutorials

Those who master their art have no problem revealing their tricks; cosmetics is a field in which manual dexterity has a value that is difficult to imitate. Users look with more confidence on professionals who promote knowledge in their field, so the creation of a video tutorial becomes an opportunity to win the trust of the potential customer. Transparency always rewards, especially when it allows one to learn about the products and methods used in a beauty parlour. It is useful to adopt a language that is less technical but more open to explanation: if the client deeply understands the mechanism and professionalism of a treatment, he will appreciate its value more.

Still life photos of cosmetic products

Every beauty professional can expand their business through the targeted sale of cosmetic products. Using the photographic social par excellence, however, requires a professional approach to the illustration of individual items, this is where the power of an effective still life comes into play. To communicate a concept is to do it through images, attention to detail serves to capture attention.

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