How to increase sales of cosmetics using QR Codes?

How to increase sales of cosmetics using QR Codes? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Cosmetics is one of the areas that makes most use of technological marketing, there are many products and even more competitors so the tools can only be fast. We at Studio Concept support companies through cosmetic marketing strategies ranging from Social to Packaging Design, here is our formula for mastering QR Codes.

How to use QR codes for cosmetics brands?

The underlying technology is described by the acronym Quick Response, the added value of QRs lies in the possibility of entrusting them with information that can be used by practically everyone. All it takes is a common smartphone to decrypt the data and access the associated content. Brands in cosmetics have grasped the added value that technology can offer, saving space and optimising packaging is just one of the advantages. The QR code is a tool that projects the brand towards a precise lead strategy.

QR Code to provide more information about the cosmetic product

Optimisation in size may be one of the strengths of cosmetic packaging, but it is at the same time a major disadvantage. The convenience of transporting a lipgloss cannot be counterbalanced by the reduced space to convey information on its use and composition. Here technology comes to the rescue: a simple QR code on the packaging is enough to link the customer to dedicated resources. The user experience is enriched by an informed approach and actively participates in brand awareness: a satisfied customer returns.

QR Code for shopping directly from a smartphone

The recent pandemic period has given the world a lesson in the future, the dramatic increase in web shopping has shown how technology plays a role in everyday routines. The weight of change has also been felt in cosmetics shopping to the extent that new shopping formulas have been suggested. The customer can evaluate the product at the point of sale, scan its QR code and finalise the purchase in real time. Technology has revolutionised the way people use the shop.

QR Codes to personalise the shopping experience

Once the selection of a product was one of the unknowns of cosmetics, technology has revolutionised the selection process. The customer accesses the QR code via the product packaging, this redirects him/her into a guided choice process: there is, for example, the possibility to select skin type or hair characteristics. The purchase becomes more conscious as the tool reduces the risk of error in the choice, increases the degree of satisfaction and strengthens trust in the brand.

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QR Code for discounts

Discounts are a particularly effective area, the customer is more sensitive to tools that allow a reduction in the purchase price. Whereas in the past one had to wait for a certain promotion, the use of QR codes allows a dynamic use of savings tools. It is the code itself that directs the customer to the dedicated promotion; it is a stratagem that circumvents the phenomenon of “showrooming”. If the customer tended to visit the shop only to buy from the Web at a later date, the discount from QR codes stimulates the purchase at the shop.

QR Code to measure marketing campaign effectiveness

There is an intrinsic aspect to the use of QR codes, each visitor accesses the relevant content but also ensures an assessment of the volume of interest in the product. Each code generates a link between the potential customer and the brand’s portal, the volume of accesses contains a series of useful information to obtain a feed of the marketing strategy in the field. The opportunity to organise corresponding countermeasures follows.

QR Codes to increase engagement on social media

Visual codes offer a guarantee that other channels often overlook, the QR code leads the customer exactly. There is no need to type in a web address so the customer cannot run into mistakes or brand confusion, thus creating a direct path to the brand’s social pages. The process becomes as simple as putting a like, the step can be seasoned with a catchy tag. The medium is powerful but an appropriate strategy needs to be added to it.

Type of QR code Static or dynamic?

Static codes are codes that are a thing of the past, they are in fact tools that only allow the sharing of limited data and linking to a poorly articulated URL. Static QRs can be useful for the quick sharing of simple information; it is not by chance that they are used for the transmission of product identification codes. Marketing in cosmetics is increasingly making use of dynamic QRs as these provide greater flexibility of use. In addition to being retargetable, dynamic codes are quicker to scan and versatile for use in cosmetics.

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