Successful cosmetics case study: Hemp Care

Successful cosmetics case study: Hemp Care 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Translating the ideals of a brand into a concept capable of expressing its full potential, this is the premise in our work alongside our partner Hemp Care. We at studio Concept are at the service of companies in the cosmetics sector, analysing each reality to provide solutions that offer a practical return. Packaging design, content creation, still life of cosmetic products and integrated communication strategies are some of the approaches. This is our vision for Hemp Care.

Hemp Care Line, what does it do?

Before presenting a customer, it is essential to understand its reality, to start from its origins to follow its path and to observe the point of arrival. Hemp Care was born from a project that is now thirty years old but has much deeper roots, everything starts back in 1945 with the history of the Allegrini family and the company of the same name. The reality shows a visceral attachment to its Italian origins, the main lines start in the Grassobbio headquarters where research offers an example of innovation in the made in Italy of organic cosmetics.

Here we grasped the true sense of the concept behind the communication: to provide Italian excellence in a natural key. The story of the lines starts from the principles of zero km to seek the lowest environmental impact, the aim is to internationalise the product but without moving away from the concept of respect for the balance of nature. The basic nexus is summed up in the GoGreen formula, which certainly passes through formulations with a reduced impact on the environment; work on the packaging and elaboration of the contents are therefore the necessary steps to present the brand in depth.

Hemp Care encapsulates the essence of hemp; the natural principles of the plant are condensed into an oil with multiple qualities. This gives rise to the shower gel and shampoo lines, skin care products and hair care solutions. The offer extends to Complements, the perfumed essences for the body but also dedicated to environments. Proud of its Italian production but projected towards an increasingly fluid world, Hemp Care is the line that breaks down the boundaries of the Italian language and opens up to an even wider audience.

Concept and catalogue Beard club line

The beard care range may be one of the most message-centred examples. Here, the work encapsulates the concept of the communication appeal, the essence already standing out from the packaging approach. The juxtaposition is that of rhomboid geometric motifs, the contrast between the green of the hemp leaves and the brown of the earth brings back the atavistic essence in beard care. The reference to the past is explicit, this plays a part in making the line even more sophisticated.

The colour approach serves to emphasise the natural composition, the communication, however, aims at an even deeper level: the beard is the focus of attention. Here it is the attention to detail that makes the difference, the photograph itself instantly proves it. Still life finds the meeting point between the tools of tradition and the elements of nature, the result is in the strength of a product that blends perfectly between the past and a future inspired by a green vision.

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Packaging Design for Special Kits and Hotel Amenities line

Here the choice is projected towards a clear return to the essential, practicality is also an important element in the choice of storage. The care for the lines reduces detail to a minimum, the containers focus on practicality. Unlike the other product lines, the special kits and amenities entrust their communication strategy to double packaging. The packaging becomes precious but also practical, quality is thus enriched by the concept of utility. The gold of the lettering creates an eye-catching contrast with the nature of green and the purity of white.

Whether as a gift or to take care of one’s body during a stay away from home, the project here has gone through a packaging that sums up the brand concept. The brand offers an alternative with direct efficacy, valuable in its composition but above all respectful of the natural balance. This is our example of a communication that also passes through a targeted packaging design. The essence is elevated to a higher level.

Hemp Oil: Content and Video Marketing Strategies

The power of the message lies in the approach to open communication, the use of dual language expands the Italian character of a company that follows the principles of natural wellness. The care in the descriptions is comparable to that in the elaboration of the video content. The message is conveyed by the images, sounds and colours speak of nature without the need for extensive speech. The communication channels change, the same strength of the brand passes.

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