How to build a brand identity in the beauty sector?

How to build a brand identity in the beauty sector? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Starting with oneself is the first step, but the world of cosmetics is made up of a multitude of individuals and everyone can claim to be special in their own way. We need to stand out, it is not easy but we know the tricks to launch valuable ideas. One of these is still life photography of cosmetic products.

We at Studio Concept are used to accompanying brands from birth to the establishment of their identity on the market. Growing is not for everyone, choices reward.

What is branding and why is it important?

Branding means building a brand, here each step belongs to an articulated succession. Careful analysis is needed because any success or failure may lie in a weakness in the building phase. Having good products is not enough, the beauty industry moves hundreds of billions of dollars and there is a flurry of brands trying to establish themselves. Competition is fierce and there is no room for everyone.

Building a brand therefore means going through the famous “three Bs”: brand, branding and brand identity. Effectiveness is found in the perception of the brand by the market, its characteristic must be associated with a movement that captures the customer, the aim is to communicate to the individual the message that the company intends to convey. Taking care of the image but also the content is the starting point, marketing is dynamic.

Basis for the creation of a cosmetic brand

Before starting a project, it would be enough to answer four questions to avoid most failures.

What is the purpose of your brand?

Having clear ideas is needed, you cannot convince the customer any other way. Why the brand exists and where it wants to go, what it does to achieve its purpose and what values it refers to: this indicates the position you want to take in the customer’s perception.

Which target group are you referring to?

Here we need an analysis of the audience, we need to know their needs and habits, their age groups, their desires but also their difficulties. Understanding means finding solutions to problems.

How are you different from others?

It all starts with analysing the competition, only then can you avoid mistakes and strengthen your strategy.

What communicative register do you want to entrust to your brand?

Giving voice to the product is not enough, the tone you use changes the very impact of the message. The how is always important.

How to improve a brand image?

A brand that works depends on perfect teamwork, taking care of the brand means yes finding a brand that can stand out from the crowd but also accompanying it with typography that is able to identify the brand. Then there is the message, this is contained but must also be in form, here the colour palettes have their weight: green affirms a green identity, black elegance, gold enhances prestige.

A brand that works is able to communicate in a matter of moments, that’s exactly how much consideration the customer devotes to the brand. Attention needs to be captured in order for the communication to reach the target, promoting and reinforcing means powerful communication channels. The brand works when the elements of brand identity are conveyed by a valid strategy.

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Develop an effective marketing strategy

Respect for skin, the environment and nature are important issues but, perhaps because of this, also particularly mainstream. Following the masses means losing one’s individual identity and homologating one’s brand to all the others. Communication works when the marketing strategy is able to go even further.

Marketing that distinguishes passes through a clear identity also in packaging, customers are captured by stimulating a sense of beauty. Then there is the commercial image, the corporate imprint must also pass through its presence on communication channels. From the business card to the digital identity, the brand must let itself be discovered by the target audience. Communication must then entrust a message to a voice, here the right stylistic cut can capture.

Reflect your brand personality

The meaning of branding lies in the consistency between message and commercial choices, the successful example could be Coca-Cola. Ensuring continuity between the message and the product does not, however, mean remaining static in a static environment, consistency does not exclude marketing with dynamic strategies. The brand feeds on successes and evolves, but the common thread must remain the same.

Communication works when the product behind it has a strength of its own, the secret of a branding strategy lies in being able to channel this energy into tangible added value. The customer chooses on the basis of an effective message, a product that works then becomes the driving force behind a communication engine that amplifies the effects. The beauty sector does not give discounts to the mediocre, quality is the watchword.

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Are you a cosmetics start-up or a company looking to build a strong and distinctive brand identity in the beauty industry? Then you are in the right place! We at Studio Concept are here for you. Specialised in building cosmetic brands, we provide innovative and customised solutions for your brand.

In the world of cosmetics, brand identity is everything. Not only does it represent your image, it is also the primary means by which customers relate to your company. With specific expertise in the beauty industry, we at Studio Concept understand the importance of building a brand identity that reflects your vision and mission.

We offer complete solutions

From the creation of the brand name to its launch and market positioning, we accompany you every step of the way. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that your brand identity is distinctive, memorable and, above all, effective.

Customised method

Every brand is unique and deserves a customised approach. Therefore, we make sure we thoroughly understand your company, your products and your vision to create a brand identity that best represents you.

Proven experience

With years of experience in the cosmetics industry, we have helped numerous brands build their identity and successfully position themselves in the market. Our portfolio speaks volumes about our work.

If you want to transform your vision into a brand identity that resonates with your target market, contact Studio Concept. We look forward to working with you to build a unique and compelling beauty brand.

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