Still life and video creation for Mood Boost by Kiko Milano

Still life / Video

Launched in 1997, KIKO MILANO is one of the best-known cosmetic companies.
The brand is 100% made in Italy and offers make-up lines and products designed and studied for face and body care. The company’s slogan – Be What You Want – be what you want to be, encourages you not to adopt beauty standards and encourages you to give free rein to your originality and personality.

Kiko Milano’s make-up and face-body lines are multiple and offer customers different products. The idea of the company is to be able to respond to almost all the possible needs of customers in terms of make-up and skincare. Alongside the classic and “historical” products of the brand, new lines are added seasonally in response to the hottest trends of the moment.
The high quality/price ratio of the products offered has allowed Kiko Milano to become a leading company in the Italian and international beauty scene. To date, the 6,500 people who work in over 900 Kiko Milano stores communicate passion, originality, and respect for diversity to customers everyday.

The Mood Boost make-up line
The soft and delicate colors of the lipsticks and the make-up of the Kiko Milano Mood Boost line recall spring with its cheerful and joyful shades.
Dermatologically tested, they respect the skin and give a touch of freshness and originality.

Still life and video creation for Mood Boost

Our agency has created still-life photographic sets for the make products of the Mood Boost line.
The shots were made to represent at best all the elements of the product, in every single detail.
Particular attention was then paid to post-production work to create images as impactful as possible. To best represent the brand, no detail has been left to chance, and the setting, the choice of lights and shadows, and the predominant colors have been carefully taken care of. As with the still-life photographic services, the video creation service was also entrusted to our team of professionals. Considering the massive use of social media never before has video marketing assumed a fundamental role in communication campaigns.

A video is a powerful means of communication capable of transmitting emotions and sensations through images and sounds.
The video of the Mood line was created to effectively communicate the main features of the new Kiko Milano make-up line: freshness, liveliness, and originality. The sequences of high-definition images have highlighted the design, color, and ease of use. Our creative direction has taken care of in detail all aspects of the set, from the lights to the atmosphere, and created the optimal conditions to make the video captivating, engaging, and capable of attracting attention.