Set up Still life, ecommerce and Post-production for Christmas

Still life ambientati / Still life ecommerce / Post-produzione avanzata

Kiko Milano’s Christmas line focuses not only on the quality of the ingredients that make up the cosmetics, but also on their visual impact. Indeed, in this collection special attention has been paid to the details of the packaging, which revolves around a Christmas-themed colour palette, with shades of gold, pink and red. What immediately catches the eye is the elegance of the packaging. In fact, the design is very clean, but at the same time the decorations and embossing on both the packaging and inside the palettes attract the consumer’s attention and enhance the value.

Studio Conceptsnc wanted to highlight precisely these features of Kiko Milano’s Christmas line, opting for still life photography, which aims to focus on every detail of the cosmetics. This type of photographic technique serves to attract consumers even before they test the products; their interest begins when they first see the cosmetics advertisement, just by looking at the pictures.

Ambient photos were used for this make-up line. A setting as a background for the individual product or for the entire line increases the aesthetic impact even more.

The concept that was followed for this work is the fact that people mainly dwell on what catches their eye; with the amount of advertising and videos now on TV and the web, it is important to be able to communicate a specific message in a few seconds. In the customer’s mind, the attractiveness of the packaging can only reflect the quality of the cosmetics; this attracts a wider audience and not just a specific niche. Kiko Milano, on the other hand, is a well-known and accessible cosmetics brand and continues to operate on this wave line.

With the interventions in the post-production phase, on the other hand, an attempt was made to correct light and imperfections in the photos, enhancing the natural colours.

What then completes the marketing strategy for customer loyalty is a well-structured and intuitive e-commerce with aesthetically pleasing graphics. Studio Concept created the product photos for this collection, single photos on a white background, open and closed product photos and bulk material photos.

Among the products included in Kiko’s Christmas collection, we find rosy blushes, lipsticks and lip tints that revolve around different shades of red, light and dark, warm and cool; shimmer eye shadows, shimmer nail polishes and lipsticks with glitter are a must for the month of the end-of-year festivities, allowing you to create truly glamorous looks. There is no shortage of products for bronzing and contouring, a volumising mascara and a foundation.