Still life for Kiko Milano Happy B-Day line

Still life

For Kiko’s 25th birthday, the brand decided to create a collection that would express its personality and what it wants to express to its customers through a series of products. The Kiko Happy B-Day line is presented with a minimalist design, but at the same time striking and eye-catching.

This is possible thanks to the choice of the right colours, namely silver and pink, which predominate, and black for the details. It is a very natural combination, which suits Kiko perfectly. Of course, from a collection to celebrate the brand’s 25th anniversary, glitter could not be missing, which characterises both the packaging and the products themselves.

A hint of illuminant is a must on birthday make-up. Perfect for summer, the one proposed in the Kiko Happy B-Day line is in shades of gold. Apart from the fact that it has a light texture and is not at all bulky for summer, the concealer also has a luminous finish.

This collection offers eyeshadows with a shimmering effect, although the shades tend towards brown. This summer, in fact, milk make-up is a trend and brown in its various shades cannot be missing from it. The effect obtained will be warm, chocolatey and very summery. The eyebrow marker is indispensable if you want to enhance your look.

A make-up would be imperfect with undefined, imprecise shaped eyebrows. The Kiko Happy B-Day collection is complete, because it has everything essential to make-up like a real make-up artist.

To complete the look, Kiko has come up with a volumising mascara to give the effect of thick, lengthened and curled lashes. Finally, a rosy blush, great for a sun-kissed, natural and soft look, and two different shades of lipstick, one rosy with glitter and the other matte red.

Studio Conceptsnc opted for still life photography, which could highlight the unique features of the line. It was precisely the festive theme that had to be in the foreground, so the focus remained above all on the packaging in bold, bright colours. Obviously, the special features of the texture of the products were also emphasised, especially the shine effect, which makes customers want to buy them more.