Still life for Kiko Milano Joyful holiday line

Still life

Kiko closely follows the trends and mood of the festive season, which is why it always wants to offer its customers innovative options. The new Kiko Joyful Holiday line dedicated to the most popular holiday of the year, Christmas, captures the atmosphere of a starry winter night by bringing it to the packaging.

The star motifs and decorations inspired by Christmas ornaments are, in fact, clearly visible on the product packaging; the choice of colours could only take its cue from the classic Christmas shades: deep brick red and gold, which create an elegant and luxurious combination, also recalling the festive excitement.

The distinctive element of this make-up collection by Kiko is the shimmering finish of the various products. From eye shadows to lipsticks, each item is enriched with delicate glitter that reflects the light and gives an extra touch to the final look.
Among the proposals of this cosmetic line is a volumising mascara with a golden packaging. With every blink of the eyelashes the gaze will be charmingly framed; we then move on to the foundation, which is hard-wearing and luminous, giving the complexion the perfect glow.

For the lips, there is no shortage of glitter glosses, both the transparent ones, where the colour is given precisely by the glitter, and the rosy gloss, also with sparkling details, to give fullness to the lips and a juicy look, currently very fashionable.

Glitter is also present in the finish given by the lipsticks in the line, available in four different colours, which revolve around pink and red shades. The lips, on a Christmas look, are often the star of the make-up, which is why they must be tinted in bright colours that do not go unnoticed.

Customers will then find the golden-tinged illuminant a must if they want to brighten up their complexion and enhance their facial highlights. A touch of illuminant on the cheekbones, under the eyebrow arch and on the tips of the lips will be ideal for the festive season.
The formulas of the various products are pigmented and high-performance, long-lasting and non-transferring. These features are really important, as you need to look flawless at Christmas and New Year. You spend many hours out of the house, in the company of friends and family, and you don’t always have the chance to touch up your make-up.

The Kiko Joyful Holiday line aims to make all women feel safe and comfortable and give them the opportunity to create an infinite number of different combinations.
Also included in the collection are skincare products such as a nourishing lip mask and moisturising face products to prepare the skin properly for make-up. In addition, Kiko has also thought of those who want to give gifts, offering complete kits.

Studio Concept. Communication agency for the beauty and cosmetics world, wanted to highlight the warm colours of the packaging that characterise the Christmas period through careful photographic post-production that enhances the product to the maximum. Christmas means warmth, love, friendship and family and this is what must be conveyed to the customer. Still life photographs emphasised the luminous and sophisticated details of the various articles in the Kiko Joyful Holiday line, which succeed in attracting the attention of make-up lovers even before they reach the point of sale.

The visual aspect is important in advertising because it creates a kind of expectation, an excitement that precedes the buying experience. Making people want to touch a make-up or skincare product right from the web or TV advertisement is crucial. Showing a lot of quality product images for an ecommerce site is the first choice to best communicate a cosmetic brand, to show the textures of the products, to make people perceive the preciousness or elegance of a packaging and thus entice them to purchase.