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Each brand must be put to the best use, so that it can meet the needs of its customers. This is also the case of Mesauda, a brand active in the cosmetics sector and able to give every customer beauty and awareness in its means.

Mesauda Aquacious is a skin care line of moisturizing creams perfect for giving the face a clear tone. It takes only a few applications to reach a really good set of results.

One of the strengths of the line is undoubtedly the use of 100% natural active substances. With some passages, the skin is best protected by external agents and finds an optimal conformation. Elasticity, lightness and softness return to the highest levels and even the smallest wrinkles are prevented without any risk.

Studio Concept has worked extensively for the Mesauda brand and designed the design of the Aquacious line, the creative folders, all the launch communications tools and also online communications, for example e-commerce website newsletters, product lifestyle, product set photos and much more.

Mesauda Aquacious focuses on the ability to make the skin shiny and toned, with the prospect of having a face in full splendor. Mesauda’s skin care cosmetic line manages in its intent by keeping an eye on every element related to the formulation of individual products, with selected extracts with the utmost care.

Not surprisingly, the term Mesauda has the literal meaning of luck and hides a very positive sense, directing customers towards solutions suitable to any aesthetic context. Just a small portion of cream to apply on the cheeks and a mild massage to get benefits and well-being.

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