Brochures and still life photos for Nika Grace: hair colour cream

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Nika Hair Beauty Excellence is one of the best professional hair care brands. Among their new products, the one catching the attention of men and women alike is the new Grace hair colour cream, formulated with natural ingredients such as avocado oil, Pecan nut protein and blueberry extract, and free of all chemical components that risk damaging the hair in the long term, making it dry, dull, and brittle.


Grace is the hair colour cream by Nika.
Excellent grey coverage
Easy and fast application
Unmistakeable colour

The Nika Grace hair colour cream respects all hair types and helps develop the colour every woman has always dreamed of, with excellent shine that simply cannot be achieved with similar products. The lightening power of this hair colour cream in fact creates bright and playful reflections on the entire head of hair, even greys, which are completely covered.

Underlying Nika Grace is MPP Technology: starting from the pigments selected in their utmost purity, extremely pure micro-pigments are obtained, which by way of their fineness and composition, efficiently penetrate every hair fibre, exploiting all of their potential. The hair thus maintains its transparency and reflects both light and dark tones, from the inside out, regardless of the type of artificial or natural light. The brightness and shine are long-lasting thanks to the study behind each and every product, designed with care and passion by Nika Hair Beauty Excellence experts.

The Nika Grace line offers four different colouring services: permanent, toning, repigmentation, and superlightening. As such, starting from the same product, every woman’s desires will all be satisfied, even those normally unattainable using home colouring treatments.

The superlighteners in the Nika Grace line, available in three different shades, can be used with a different Activator level for exceptional results and perfect colouring, even on thicker or darker hair.

For Nika Grace products, Studio Concept developed exclusive product photography sets able to exploit all the potential and results that only these products are able to offer each customer.

But in addition to a brochure in which to admire the effects of the products on women’s hair, and to understand – based on the images alone – which is the best choice for one’s own hair, Studio Concept also developed a full-blown brochure for all hair colour creams produced by Nika Grace: all the shades that can only be obtained using these colour creams are thus revealed to potential customers, who can easily admire, without filters or edited images, how the colour adheres to the hair, its brightness, and which effects can be obtained based on the starting colour, an essential piece of information when making one’s choice.

All colouring details are specified next to each colour, yet another incentive to make the right choice and finally enjoy the hair you’ve always wanted.

What is hair colour cream?

Women have always had a strong desire to change their hair colour and experiment new and different looks; today this trend is becoming more and more widespread also among men and even teenagers, who are keen to change their look and see their friends’ reaction. It is important, however, to choose the right products to colour your hair in order to stop the hair from becoming dry and brittle, or so weak that it falls out under the shower or when combed.
During the period following the treatment, it is also important to care for the hair with products able to strengthen and reinforce it, so as to be able to continue colouring the hair while maintaining its shine and volume, with a natural effect.

But, taking a closer look, what is hair colour cream? It is a product or multiple products allowing one’s hair colour to be changed either permanently, for a period ranging from a few weeks to months, lightening or darkening one’s natural shade or even completely changing colour. The selection of colours available to each customer is in fact quite vast, ranging from natural to more original shades, increasingly appreciated by men and women of all ages.

The benefit of applying a hair colour cream is its resistance: while colouring shampoos tend to fade after a few washes, a colouring cream lasts for at least six weeks. The duration of the colour actually depends on the quantity of paraphenylenediamine in the product: the more there is, the more intense and longer-lasting the colour. The problem, however, is that this is a toxic substance which can give rise to allergic reactions; Europe has strict regulations in place regarding the quantity of this substance in hair colour creams, so you can rest assured regarding the non-toxicity of products that still look great after weeks.

Hair colour cream also has another advantage, that is, it can be applied at home, without needing to go to a salon. In this regard, however, it is important to choose a professional brand able to provide excellent results, carefully applying the product to achieve perfectly intense and precise colour. The study behind the formulation of hair colour creams by the best brands is what makes these products perfect and safe, destined to last over time and able to provide the perfect, yet affordable look, without needing to regularly go to your trusted hairdresser.