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Major cosmetics brands such as Helen Seward rely on Studio Concept to broaden the horizon of their business and make themselves known to a wider audience.

Helen Seward is an Italian brand with a great tradition born in 1969 in Milan. Over the years, it has specialised in the production of professional trichological products, pursuing a path of growth in close contact with partners and hair stylists of international standing. The proposal is very wide and includes products dedicated to hair colouring, treatment and shape. There are articles that protect against excessive exposure to sunlight and others that enhance style.

Absolute Curl Trio is a product line dedicated to curly hair. It includes an anti-crisp elasticising shampoo that is very suitable for those with difficult to manage hair and is based on the perfect combination of activated organic hemp oil and Antifrizz Shield. Paired with the anti-frizz elasticising mask made from the same ingredients and suitable for enjoying excellent disciplining management. This set of products is completed with the anti-frizz styling fluid, also ideal for protecting the hair from environmental conditions that could pose a risk to its appearance such as humidity.

The range is really wide and includes products dedicated to styling hair but also, and above all, to protecting it.

The Mediter line is based on vegetable phytocomplexes and organic oils to create innovative treatments to enhance the beauty of the hair and protect it. The BB Color line, on the other hand, is dedicated to the creativity of the hairdresser who can thus create different shades and colours to enhance the characteristics of the hair and the mood of his or her client. These are quality products that enhance beauty without ammonia while also protecting the health of the scalp.

Studio Concept worked on behalf of Helen Seward offering services to enhance the characteristics of these products, including Still Life and Visual. Photographs, if well thought out in terms of style and the right positioning of various objects, allow a powerful communication channel to be exploited.

The potential buyer can visually identify the special features of the cosmetic and what it can create in terms of style and health protection.

Taking photographs does not just mean clicking the camera to immortalise posed objects, but there is a whole prior study to identify the best possible context and find nuances capable of conveying the advertising message by making the potential customer understand what he is seeing. Another very useful service provided by Helen Seward is the production of the catalogue.

This is an ideal tool for listing the products on offer and displaying representative images with detailed information on their composition, how to use them and their benefits.