Catalog, Set up Still life and Visual for Cholley

Catalogo / Still life ambientati / Visual

Studio Concept handled the production of the catalogue and still life set photos for Cholley, a leading Swiss company in the beauty field.

The starting point for this project was a careful preliminary study phase, with the aim of finding the strengths and main features of the products to be included in the catalogue.

We at Studio Concept devoted a great deal of attention to the graphic creation of the product catalogue. This is why we studied the still lives of each item in the collection. The aim was to communicate to consumers not only the image of all the products belonging to the brand, but also their function.

The photos were taken after we had carried out a qualitative analysis of the products. This project then materialised with the creation of the graphic part of the catalogue and visuals.

The graphic and photographic work had the primary objective of conveying the values of the Cholley brand.

This is a brand that, over the years, has accumulated a lot of experience, especially in the phytocosmetics sector.

Cholley’s strong point was its ability to succeed in combining ancient oriental traditions with western technological innovation, so as to bring its customers the quality of its cosmetic products, which Studio Concept enhanced through a catalogue with still life photos.

The chosen style, in fact, reflects the values of the brand, which for years has guaranteed consumers access to high quality raw materials. Cholley, in fact, distinguishes itself from its competitors by the fact that it offers higher quality standards than those set by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries in Switzerland.

These very high characteristics underline how the work of Studio Concept in meeting the brand’s expectations was particularly challenging, but the end result is very satisfying.