Design, Content and Marketing for Allegre Lavandaie

Concept / Content / Communication / Still life

The “Allegre Lavandaie” brand, part of the AlboLab group, requested a service for concept design, content, and communication marketing.

The campaign was for products in the line of concentrated and scented essences, designed to give one’s laundry a touch of freshness and lasting softness. The entire project was structured in accordance with a careful analysis of the products and their components.

The products were then inserted in a series of photos portraying them in the foreground, on a mainly neutral background, with the addition of elements evoking the scents and sensations associated with the different fragrances.

Photography was used as a means to activate the senses, while at the same time stimulating touch, sight, and smell. As such, a main photo was dedicated to each bottle, which was combined with the respective flower associated with its scent.

For this marketing campaign, the service involved the development of a concept that could be associated with the product, in which to insert the requested contents.

For the second part of the project, it was sought to immerse everything in a distinctly natural atmosphere, simple, but at the same time effective.

The product description was then centred on the most peculiar characteristics, seeking to evoke an image as representative as possible of the after-sale experience.

The benefits were also described as evidence of the advertised qualities, underlining the importance of using these types of products in day-to-day life, and portraying the idea of a huge variety of contexts in which to imagine how using the scented essences could be essential in improving various aspects and situations relating to both free time and family life.

All of this contributed to developing the idea of a flexible product that could be adapted to the needs of users, portraying versatility as the strength of an apparently simple product, which in reality is the result of special and specific studies which consider the context of use and type of customers who might be interested in the product, its style, scent, and even packaging.

The atmosphere surrounding the entire project is essentially familiar and welcoming, stimulating the senses and sensations that best enhance the intrinsic qualities of the product itself, just as it was naturally designed.

Concentrated essences
that give your laundry
a touch of long-lasting
soft freshness,
leaving a delicious scent even throughout the home.