Still Life, Bulk, and Post Production for Farmavita

Still Life / Bulk / Post Production

Farmavita is a historic Italian company based in Locate Varesino in the province of Milan. Founded in 1973, Farmavita has been able to best interpret people’s desire for beauty by offering the market exclusive cosmetics dedicated to the care and well-being of skin and hair.

It exports to over 40 countries worldwide and is constantly engaged in research and experimentation to identify high quality products such as, for example, Primer Hyaluronic Leav-In Conditioner. A conditioner capable of nourishing in depth and especially suitable for frizzy and unruly hair. It has been obtained by exploiting the characteristics of hyaluronic acid to achieve an effect that restores the hair structure.

This brand offers many alternatives on the market such as the leave-in Smoothing cream suitable for smooth hair and eliminating frizz for a long time. It exploits the peculiarities of vegetable keratin in combination with thermosetting polymers, also creating a kind of heat protection, thus avoiding the damage normally caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

To enhance the characteristics of these cosmetics for the wellbeing of hair and skin, a Still Life shoot was chosen. This is a photographic set capable of highlighting the characteristics of the individual product, through the skill of professionals who know how to make the best use of photography as an important means of communication.

By choosing exactly the position of the various cosmetics and the setting, it is possible to convey a precise advertising message to potential customers about the promised results and the main features. A service that also included the post production phase with some experts who managed to further enhance the concept and highlight the cosmetic’s characteristics. A team effort through which the desired success was achieved. The staff was also at Farmavita’s side to give useful advice on the advertising campaigns to be realised.

Relying on a specialised professional agency means making the most of the potential of so-called commercial product photography.

The advanced photographic post-production phase is also optimised by other services involving the processing of bulk images, swatches, textures and all the other details useful to tell the story of the characteristics of high quality products such as Farmavita’s Silky Bond based on vegetable keratin and Omniplex to better manage split ends and repair hair that has been damaged throughout its structure.

The services also covered other style-fixing solutions such as the Smooth & Protect spray that on the one hand guarantees high protection for the hair and on the other a smoothing effect. The protection concerns above all thermal damage that can be caused by the use of hairdryers and straighteners.

There are many other proposals that can be enhanced through Still Life and the entire post-production phase, such as Curl Cream for curly hair and for defined waves, or choose products that offer a smooth and silky style while keeping the frizzy effect under control and guaranteeing the necessary shine for the hair.

Added to these are volumising products such as the Volumising Spray and the Extreme Hairspray that leaves no residue and offers maximum hold. With Studio Concept’s services optimised for the cosmetics sector, it was possible to make Farmavita’s products known to a much wider public and give the brand some visibility.