Photo Still Life and Post Production for Diego della Palma

Still life / Foto Ambientate / Post-production

With packaging in neutral colours, a mix of white and pink, Diego dalla Palma’s products enter the scene to revitalise and prevent the signs of ageing on mature skin. The colours chosen for the packaging of the serums and moisturising creams are not random, as they are intended to represent the delicacy and genuineness of the ingredients that make up the products.

The line includes a soothing anti-reddening serum, which at the same time protects sensitive skin from irritating atmospheric agents, and an anti-ageing serum, which prevents and reduces the signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles on the face. There is also a dermo-liquidising micellar water, which removes all make-up residue and impurities without, however, altering the skin’s pH. Then there is an eye contour to combat dark circles under the eyes, which have appeared as a result of a hectic daily life or due to the passage of time, and two face creams, including one for mature and sensitive skin. Finally, the eye contour, a very sensitive area subject to changes, dryness and impurities, and the body cream cannot be missed.

For the advertising part of Diego dalla Palma’s line, Studio Conceptsnc took care of the photo shoot, using the technique of still life ambient photography. The focus was therefore on the details of the packaging, which is minimal and clean-looking: the photo shoot, like the packaging, aims to highlight the main features of this skincare collection. This was then amplified with the set photos, using feathers, also coloured between white and soft pink, as background and base for the products, a mix which is the result of the play of light created.

Post-production work was necessary to put the cosmetics in the foreground, so as to attract the attention of consumers already at the advertising stage, before they arrive in the shop. These techniques are crucial when launching a new skincare campaign, because the customer must also be intrigued and attracted by the packaging. Set photos and post-production edits to improve saturation and lighting, so as to highlight the products, are an excellent marketing strategy. For Diego dalla Palma, the result had to be simple but impactful, in line with his brand identity. Nothing excessively flashy, but a work that focuses on essentiality and on highlighting the strengths of the products; what must emerge is mainly the genuineness of the ingredients, which are responsible for the wellbeing of the customers’ skin.