Photo Still Life and Post Production for Terme Comano

Still life / Foto Ambientate / Post-production

Aqua-Tech is a high-quality cosmetic line of Terme di Comano, formulated from the salts and microbiota present in the thermal waters of Comano and guaranteeing results typical of a SPA. Many thermal centers, in fact, take advantage of the special benefits of their waters in the creation of complete cosmetic lines for the face, for the body or for specific problems related to skin imperfections. Even for Terme di Comano the variety of products is extremely articulated, offering solutions for many needs.

It ranges from concentrated serums to hyaluronic acid, for more mature skins, to moisturizing creams with soft and easily absorbable texture, suitable for all ages, to masks and tonics to recover in elasticity and brightness. Any product is formulated in such a way as to avoid side effects in cases of skin sensitivity, the presence of dermatitis or irritation.

However, it does not stop with the care of the face. Aqua-Tech has numerous body care products, such as scrubs, sweetening creams, preparations for feet and hands, as well as providing complete travel coffins that are extremely useful and designed for both men and women.

Products of this type require a careful study of packaging and presentation.

For this reason, Aqua-Tech turned to Studio Concept, which, with its experience in the beauty and luxury sector, has realized its photographic campaign, both still life and set, and its corresponding post-production.
The colors and shapes have come together to communicate the message desired by the brand: to convey the quality of the product and its exclusivity, as well as to highlight its thermal origin, respect for nature, the absence of synthetic elements, and the great effectiveness.

The photographs capture the colours of the packages, playing on the contrasts at the same time. The impression that you have observing them is that of rare atmospheres, of moments of relaxation to devote in a huge hydromassage, of time for yourself, in which to love yourself well.
The products of Aqua-Tech are exactly this: delicacies that remove daily stress isolate from everyday problems and put self-care back in the first place.
Very useful among Aqua-Tech services is the routine of the month.

Based on the month, precisely, Aqua-Tech offers complete packages for the care of the face or body suitable to restore the balance of the epidermis. In April there will be the reactivating packages of brightness, after the winter grey and opacity; in September you will have the scrub packages to remove the cells dried from the sun; protective masks are fundamental in June, to prepare to welcome the sun.

Aqua-Tech products also work to correct some defects, such as the gloss effect. In the catalogue there are opacizing solutions, specially designed to not clog the pores of the skin. Very interesting is also the field of dermocosmia, which, in the presence of mild dermatological pathologies, such as erythema and psoriasis, combines the observance of the sensitivity of the skin with a normalizing effect on the physiological conditions of the altered skin.

The collaboration with Studio Concept has made Aqua-Tech’s enormous work on product quality and effectiveness even more appealing. The target to which the company refers appears clear, from still life photos and especially those set. It is not about transmitting an idea of fine luxury to yourself, but a philosophy of improving skin care through natural and quality products.