Visual Identity and Packaging Design for Digue Beauty

Visual identity / packaging design

Design of natural organic cosmetic line

Studio Concept realised the design, the on-line launch of the new cosmetic line Digue Natural Beauty, a cosmetic proposal of natural, sincere, creative and accessible products.

Underlying the project is the idea that beauty is not absolute perfection, but comes from concrete choices of progress, day after day. Digue has a direct, pop, sincere, sometimes irreverent language and recalls the island of dreams that does not yet exist and that we are slowly creating. It is the conscious choice of a spacious, evolved, disenchanted mind, attentive to new trends, to spend and spend in an informed and ethical way, to improve oneself with small progress and daily attention, respecting the environment and animals.

Digue is gradual transformation, it is evolution, it is the beauty of progress, it is demanding and desiring respect for oneself and other living beings, it is feeling like an artist of oneself, going beyond stereotypes and false illusions.

Packaging design, visual identity, storytelling, copy, video and still life content production, social launch strategy, ecommerce site.