Visual marketing, Packaging Design and Video for Hair professionals

Visual / Packaging Design / Video Tutorial

Studio Concept supported Hair Professional on its growth path.

A team of professionals was able to develop a specialised visual marketing plan taking into account the characteristics of the products and the objective set. The quality of the content to be used in the advertising campaign is essential in a sector such as hair and skin beauty. It is necessary to enhance the peculiarities of each product through promotional videos that are capable of interpreting the user’s expectations in the best possible way while also highlighting the benefits.

Videos are the best possible solution because they allow immediate visibility on the web and in the social world. The same also applies to the television segment. The creation of this type of content is developed through a project that takes into account the specific product, but also and above all the advertising message that one wishes to convey. Everything has to be properly evaluated with professionals who know how to make the most of cutting-edge software and state-of-the-art equipment that emphasise image quality and impeccable resolution.

Visual marketing, however, means so much more. Literally, an activity whose main purpose is to put certain products and objects on display. This is pursued with multimedia content but also by taking care of another fundamental aspect: the packaging and design of cosmetic products. Cosmetics are the ultimate exaltation of beauty and thus of form.

The professionals at Studio Concept devote themselves to developing new shapes for packaging. Extremely bright colours can be chosen to emphasise the brand image, or one can opt for more elegant colour combinations tending towards light or darker colours. Equally important are the shapes of the dimensions, which must on the one hand ensure extreme ease of use but on the other hand also catch the eye and prompt the potential customer to inquire about the product’s characteristics.

Packaging and design of a cosmetic product means designing a solution that is also ecologically sustainable. The environment is increasingly important and potential customers tend to reward brands that pay attention to this issue.

All these choices are then emphasised by the advertising campaign and the various videos, in which reference is made not only to the features and benefits of the cosmetic but also to its wrapping and thus to packaging made from environmentally friendly materials that do not harm the environment.