Vegan Cosmetics: what are they and what are the advantages?

Vegan Cosmetics: what are they and what are the advantages? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

In recent years, there has been a real boom in environmentally sustainable and organic cosmetics, characterized by natural ingredients from organic farming. Vegan cosmetics, i.e. products that do not contain any ingredients of animal origin, are also highly successful. However, those who wish to try these options closer to nature might find themselves a little confused in front of terms like bio, vegan and cruelty free, not having quite clear the difference between one and the other.

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Cosmetics Ecobio Certificates Vegan: Features and Benefits

Choosing Ecobio cosmetics that have received the certification of vegan products means first of all making an ethical choice. This type of cosmetics, in fact, brings various advantages to the skin, especially if particularly sensitive. Plant-based agents are distinguished by their sensitivity, thus avoiding the risk of annoying irritations. The renunciation of INCI of animal origin is not negatively reflected in the results. On the other hand, both plants and plant-based assets are proven to be excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Vegan philosophy in beauty products

Those who rely their skin on vegan cosmetics and cruelty free products (we will see below how the two definitions do not necessarily correspond), adopt the vegan philosophy of respect for the environment. Choosing to be vegan doesn’t just mean changing eating habits. Attention is paid to the purchase of clothing and, in general, the lifestyle adopted is aimed at impacting as little as possible on nature. Environmental sustainability and vegan cosmetic products are two closely interrelated aspects.

Ingredients of vegetable and natural origin

Vegan beauty products are characterized by entirely vegetable ingredients. As a result, when reading the labels, you will not see a component of animal origin, including milk and honey. Vegan cosmetics feature vegetable oils, primarily argan oil, coconut, sesame, almond and macadamia.

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Cruelty-Free Cosmetics: No Animal Tests

It is since 2013, exactly on 11 March of that year, that in the Old Continent and in the United States, the sale of cosmetics on which animal tests have been carried out was banned, with the aim of assessing the effects of the ingredients used. If in the Italian peninsula it is the Vegan Society, in the vast majority of cases, to be sure to be in the presence of cruelty-free products it is essential to read what is reported on the labels.

What does cruelty-free mean?

In the absence of certification, the best way to purchase cosmetics that do not involve animal exploitation is for INCI to provide clear guidance. Peta, the animal rights organization, has for years been committed to updating the list of ingredients resulting from this exploitation by making it available online.

International Certifications and Standards

It is always the INCI, therefore the list of ingredients contained in the formula of any product, that gives information to those who purchase about the type of product. Unified regulations are missing. Certification alone is not sufficient, as certification is a voluntary choice of the various companies. In order to qualify as cruelty-free, a manufacturer must not have used animals to test finished products and individual ingredients and must not have commissioned third parties to carry out the tests themselves. Where suppliers have previously tested ingredients, they must declare that the tests have been carried out before a certain date and undertake not to buy them back.

The difference between vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics

On the basis of the above, it is possible to indicate that a product not tested on animals may still contain ingredients of animal origin. In this case, therefore, it will be a cruelty-free but not vegan cosmetic. It is not uncommon to find, among the ingredients, oils, fats and gelatin of animal origin, glycerin, collagen, milk and whey, cream, eggs, honey and beeswax.

Guide to choice of Vegan and Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

While it is true that the presence of specific symbols on labels makes it easier to identify vegan products, companies do not always use them even though they offer items with vegan INCIs. Nowadays there are many natural alternatives. If carmine is replaceable with beet juice, the alternative to keratin is soya protein. Grain germ oil or vegetable oils are used instead of shark liver oil.

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Labels and symbols to search for

The “Vegan OK” logo, the “Vegan” or “V” inscriptions or a green leaflet placed in a circle signal to consumers that a cosmetic is vegan. And even if such mentions have no legal value, they confirm how a product is conceived in respect of the vegan philosophy. For their part, cruelty-free cosmetics feature a rabbit (or its ears) icon on the label. It is this symbol that indicates that it conforms to the International Standard of “Not tested on animals”.

Where to Buy Vegan Certified Eco Cosmetics

If for some time vegan cosmetics were niche products, today the situation has changed dramatically. You can find them in pharmacy, in perfumeries and in virtually all physical and online stores that sell cosmetics. If you don’t have the time, or the desire, to go and search for the certifications of each product, you can contact online to find vegan items.

Vegan Cosmetic Product Types for Every Need

Today any woman wants it has the opportunity to cure her own skin, and get a perfect make-up, using exclusively vegan products.

Skincare face and body

To ensure an effective skincare on the face and body are vegan products such as micellar water, foam and gel detergents and purifying, make-up remover mousse and cream moisturizer.


Lips polish, lipsticks, lip pencils, primer, fard, foundation, powder, but also eye pencils, eyeshadows, mascara, shiners corrector and nail polish. The list of vegan makeup products is rich and comprehensive, satisfying even the most demanding.

Hair products and oral care products

Shampoo, balm, lacquer, fixative foam, gel, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss and cuffs are the reference products for hair hygiene and deep cleaning of teeth and mouth. Here too, there are many vegan options.

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