Jars and packaging for creams: how are they produced?

Jars and packaging for creams: how are they produced? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Any company engaged in the production and marketing of cosmetic products is aware of the increasing importance assumed by design packaging.

Adopting the right packaging for creams and other cosmetic items is crucial for two main reasons. On the one hand it attracts the attention of the public; on the other it makes it easier to use the products. In recent times the trend towards greater sustainability, and the success achieved by natural cosmetics, have led several companies specialized in packaging to select new ecological and recyclable materials.

3D printing technologies and so-called “airless” packaging have also begun to spread. In the next lines we will analyze the different containers currently used in this scope.

Types of materials for cosmetic packaging

Today, the packaging used in the cosmetic sector, made of the most diverse materials, are offered in various forms.

From glass to cardboard, from aluminum to plastics, the offer responds to the multiple demands of an increasingly demanding market. PET, PP and SAN jars, for example, lend themselves well to face and body products, but also to the needs of companies producing hair or nail products.

The great popularity of PET, in particular, is linked to the fact that it is a completely recyclable material. Those looking for more rigid solutions can rely on ABS, PETG and PCTG jars, which have characteristics that are completely similar to glass.

And precisely glass, which is also recyclable, is one of the most coveted options, especially because it is able to convey to those who buy a high quality idea. Airless acrylic jars, for their part, contain high-end creams, serums and lotions. Although heavier, these packages give greater value to the content, making a product more attractive.

Plastic bottles and vaporizers

Entering into the merits of plastic containers, the latter are used on a wide variety of products.

They constitute the reference packaging for shampoos and conditioners, shower gels, facial cleansing gels, make-up removers, body creams, roll-on deodorants and sunscreen products. Furthermore, plastic has the advantage of representing a material that can be easily transformed, resulting in any shape at reduced costs.

Aluminum packaging

Aluminum packaging is also widely used in the cosmetic field. From tubes for hair dyes and pastes to jars intended to accommodate creams, the lightness of a material such as aluminum is the characteristic that more than any other have favored its diffusion.

Empty glass bottles and jars

As already indicated above, glass gives greater elegance to any cosmetic product.

This is why it is possible to find glass packaging in hand creams, treatment oils, serums, ampoules, perfumes, foundations, roll-on deodorants and nail polishes.

Like plastic, glass bottles and jars can be produced in different shapes and sizes. Since glass is a material at risk of breakage, the manufacturing companies pay particular attention to the choice of additional padding materials, which go alongside a decorative box.

Aluminium Spray Bomb

No less in demand, in the sector of cosmetic items, are spray bomb cans, made of aluminum. To benefit from it are deodorants, shaving foams, sprays, fixing foams and hair lacquers.

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Shapes and Sizes

As for the dimensions of the containers, these are related to how much product (measured in milliliters) should be inserted.

And this, in turn, is related to the strategies and needs of the cosmetics manufacturer. Normally, the more generous sized jars are reserved for household products, while the less bulky ones are perfect for items to take away from home. The goal, if so, is to fit them comfortably in your handbag or in a vest pocket.

The round shape is suitable for face creams, while the threadlike tubes are widespread between hand creams. The packaging market also includes square, oval or irregular containers. The wide choice in terms of size allows products ranging from 5 ml (the classic travel packaging) to 500 ml to be placed in containers.

Advantages of jars and containers for creams

Having a container suitable for the contents means protecting any cosmetic well. As mentioned above, packaging is also aimed at facilitating use. Jars and jars preserve serum, creams, powders, gels and liquids from possible contamination by dust and debris.

They also protect them from heat and exposure to UV rays (they may alter the composition and characteristics of the content). When choosing the container, the aesthetic factor (fundamental to capture the attention of possible buyers) and the economic one should not be underestimated. Sustainability is another element that should not be underestimated, considering the increased sensitivity towards the environment that has emerged in recent years.

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Design and Customization containers for creams

If the characteristics and composition of a cosmetic product are essential, there is often a tendency not to attach sufficient importance to containers and packaging. The final decision of consumers about what to buy is the result of evaluating the ingredients and properties of a product. But it is not uncommon for a beautiful packaging to cause a change of mind about it.

Some, for example, prefer to have not only useful, but also eye-catching cosmetics at home. The keystone, for a manufacturer of cosmetic items, is to know how to choose a container that can attract and, at the same time, can preserve the properties of the content and transmit to those who buy the corporate identity.

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