Cosmetics Private Label Market: how it works?

Cosmetics Private Label Market: how it works? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

The world of beauty changes, evolves but above all adapts to the most sparkling marketing ideas. The private label is one of the most particular keys to launch your idea in the magnum sea of cosmetics, here’s what to consider. At Studio Concept, we offer innovative and customized solutions for the launch of new cosmetic products.

What is Private Label?

Framing the theme is the most direct approach. From the literal translation of “private label”, the term refers to the use of a brand devised by the distributor. In cosmetics, the use of the brand allows to sell a product whose development and testing have already been cared for by the manufacturer.

Importance of the private label in the cosmetics market

The marketing model is a well established reality in several consumer sectors, a common example being food branded by some large sales chains. It is in the cosmetics sector that private labeling plays a strategic role, as the launch of a line becomes more accessible.

Benefits of Cosmetic Private Labels

Reducing costs and multiplying guarantees, these are two aspects of an increasingly followed strategy in the world of beauty. The underlying dynamics are based on the analysis of the strengths.

Exclusivity and differentiation

Looking to the market in a leaner way guarantees brands more energy to launch complete product lines, the economy of scale allows the distributor a strategy more focused on the type of product but at the same time with a strong brandization index.

Quality and safety

The difference comes from the product: when it is already ripe for marketing, the results do not delay coming. Using a quality manufacturer can guarantee value and safety due to a highly specialized development.

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Create a custom product line

Respecting operational steps is essential, especially when the product is destined for beauty. Each step is a function of the validity of the solution launched, so this is the sense of the investment needed.

Design and project definition

Customer needs, it’s all about that. Defining a project therefore means drawing conclusions from an upstream research, the step is challenging but functional for the purpose of validity in the proposal.

Research and development

Professionalism is at the heart of this, and it is the phase that most closely engages the technicians in the field. The aim is to translate the project into a concrete product. If you consider the design of a cosmetic line, here the costs multiply.

Production and packaging

You start from a concept to get a product, but you have to have the organizational machine that is useful for large-scale production. The transition is accessible only to the great realities of the sector, completely impossible for brands still unfinished.

Quality control, regulation and certification

These steps summarize all of the above, the verification must cover raw material selection but also the processing cycle monitoring. The aim is to ensure reliability for the end-user.

Customization and graphical support in the Private Label

By streamlining the development of a new line, recourse to branding allows resources to be focused on supporting the sale of the product. The recipe proposed by Studio Concept goes through the graphic project to space on packaging and promotion of quality.

Customize packaging graphically

Talking about cosmetics means offering beauty, launching a new line means doing it in a completely different way than the competition. The rules are essential when the choice of graphics and colors are intended to communicate the meaning of the brand. But we need the courage of different ideas, we need to work on the reinterpretation of the product in an identitarian way. Distinguishing is not so difficult, the graphics of a product must convey its meaning but must also emerge compared to all the others. Professional design can make a difference, poor packaging is the error that does not forgive.

Choice of bottles and pots

Would you like to choose a plastic or a metal variant, focus on the design of the container or the concept of eco-sustainability? Many of the answers to these questions are obtained by translating the brand concept into a concrete form. Much depends on the sales target, the customer appreciates sustainable choices but especially practical.

Marketing support and brand promotion

If still life were to be targeted, there would probably be no real competition. The aim is to get to the customer, to be able to do it in a few moments is the only viable way. Even the best product is likely to be lost without a strong promotional strategy. You need to know the languages of communication, the images are made center if accompanied by the right words.

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Legislation and responsibilities in the cosmetic sector Private Label

Relying on reliable partners is also the first rule in the private label strategy, quality control and health surveillance of the product are key aspects. As pointed out by the Ministry of Economic Development, the private label entails a direct responsibility on the part of the trade mark proprietor.

CPNP notifications and legal submissions

Article 13 of Regulation EU 1223/2009 speaks clearly: the person responsible for a cosmetic product is required to communicate the information on the European CPNP notification portal. The proprietor of the trade mark is therefore responsible for it.

If a cosmetics manufacturer accounts for a third party?

Are you a manufacturer of cosmetics? Are you overwhelmed with requests from startups who want to develop their own cosmetic line and know little about the beauty world? If you like we can work together and offer these customers or others a complete service ranging from the design of the line up to its communication and launch. In recent years as an agency specializing in the beauty sector we have realized that many customers who want to build and launch their own cosmetic line are looking for a complete and professional service from the design of the line concept, the design of the packaging, the proposal of the general creative mood. If you are a third-party cosmetics manufacturer and offer this service, you are certainly a step ahead of many others. If instead you are focused on product development and research and production and want to collaborate with a creative structure specialized in the field we can start a collaboration together and offer in transparency services and development packages tailored to each customer. Contact us and we will be happy to collaborate.

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