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“Zillennials”, or “Gen Z”: two terms that define digital pioneers, i.e. young people who did not have the opportunity to live in a time when smartphones and tablets were not yet present.

This is a generation that is influencing the market in various areas. For some time now, cosmetics manufacturers have also been taking their wishes and needs into account. The latter, in particular, are striving to make products that, in terms of type, composition and method of use, fully satisfy them.

We at Studio Concept help them in this task with various services. Ours is an agency specialised in marketing for companies active in the Beauty sector. We support them in their growth, allowing them to stand out through ad hoc packaging and design choices that are never taken for granted. However, designing a cosmetic line for young people or teenagers is not an easy process and we see why.

The growing popularity of skincare among Gen Z globally

The young people of previous generations did not attach great importance to daily skin care, limiting themselves to using soaps, and possibly serums, only when pimples appeared.

In the Zillennials, however, skincare has carved out an important role for itself, continuing to grow in popularity. Between oils and gels, illuminating serums, facial sunscreens and moisturising waters (so-called mists), cosmetics have become part of whatsapp message exchanges and Instagram photos.

Online searches are multiplying, as is the sharing of purchased products. And this only goes to show how caring for the skin is important at any age. This phenomenon is not unique to Italy.

The Pandemic-related isolation period gave Gen Z time to delve into the subject.

Gen Z’s favourite skin care ingredients and products

Cleansing is an unmissable appointment for anyone who wants to devote time to skin care. And that of the face deserves priority, especially considering the habit of exposing oneself to others in videos or photos.

Many resort to gentle cleansers both in the morning and in the evening in order to remove impurities and excess sebum. Not a few girls even devote themselves to a gentle scrub every two weeks to prevent the formation of blackheads.

It is also common to buy cosmetics that provide the skin with sufficient moisture; here, the favourites are products with ingredients with soothing properties. More and more teenage girls wear make-up on various occasions. Consequently, make-up remover must play a leading role in their drawers.

If girls with dry skin are used to using a moisturising milk, those living with oily skin are careful to avoid products that are too “foamy”.

Popular among teenagers are micellar waters, which are excellent at removing dirt and traces of cosmetics from the face.

Also not to be missed are face toners, creams (chosen according to skin type) and, above all, deodorants. The latter are essential for those in the age known for hormonal changes. Precisely in such periods, in fact, sweating tends to become excessive.

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The “skinfluencer” phenomenon and the rise of beauty routines on TikTok

As mentioned above, Zillennials are used to exchanging impressions and suggestions not only at school, but also on social media. And by frequenting social media, they have influencers as a point of reference, considering their opinions worthy of greater consideration than those of TV commercials.

Skinfluencers (usually under the age of 25) have achieved great popularity on TikTok. They are beauty bloggers who are used to sharing tips on cosmetics on the platform where they work, providing guidance on how to adopt the best daily routine.

Right on TikTok, or using a YouTube channel, they test cosmetics by showing in videos how to use them and providing reviews on popular and niche products.

What teenagers look for in beauty products and how they influence brands’ choices

It is the desire to always appear in perfect condition, both on social media and in real life, that drives more and more Gen Z members to resort to cosmetics. But, given their young age, make-up for many of them remains basically a nice game. It is, at the same time, a way of revealing one’s personality and telling one’s story.

Generally, they look for brilliance, colour, practicality and effectiveness in beauty products. The aim is to amaze others and, at the same time, have fun with skincare.

Safety and quality in teenage cosmetics

Cosmetics aimed at teenagers must be safe and of high quality. Great care must be taken when purchasing, as a high percentage of the products on the market have various chemical substances among their ingredients.

Poor quality cosmetics may risk exacerbating dermatological problems. Better to focus on organic products, characterised by INCIs rich in natural ingredients, free of both chemical components and preservatives.

Those who produce cosmetics for young people between the ages of 12 and 14 should only offer products with hypoallergenic elements of natural origin (oils, vitamins and plant extracts).

Young people today are very attentive to the cosmetic products they use: they read the ingredients, they inform themselves, they quickly share the results on social networks, they talk candidly about the performance of the products and the various cosmetic brands. They are in essence very informed consumers, many times even more so than adults. This is why, in recent years, more and more young people and teenagers are looking for quality cosmetic products to take care of their skin, and this trend affects not only girls, but also boys, who are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having healthy, well-groomed skin. This slice of the market is certainly very interesting and this is why many cosmetic companies and cosmetic start-ups are launching specific lines for young people and teenagers.

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Create effective storytelling and an original Brand Vision for a skin care line for teenagers

Creating a cosmetics line aimed at young people is an undertaking that requires a lot of care and attention, especially in an increasingly competitive market. In addition to guaranteeing product quality, it is essential to create a credible narrative and a unique image and identity that reflects the needs and values of the target audience.

In this sense, creating original storytelling can make all the difference. The goal is to tell a story that goes beyond just the product, that communicates a vision and mission that can engage and retain consumers and make the brand recognisable.

For a cosmetics line for young people, storytelling can focus on natural beauty, self-care as an expression of self-esteem and respect for the environment. But there are an infinite number of ideas and suggestions that a communication agency specialising in beauty such as Studio Concept may be able to suggest and propose. It is important to create a fresh and modern image that stands out from the crowd and reflects the identity of the target audience.

Furthermore, the creation of original storytelling can have a positive impact on consumers’ perception of the product. A Nielsen study showed that 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for a product if it is associated with an engaging and personalised shopping experience. If the story told is authentic and reflects the brand’s values, consumers will be more likely to identify with and become attached to the product.

Creating original storytelling is an opportunity that should not be underestimated when creating a cosmetics line for young people. Telling an authentic and engaging story on a visual and conceptual level can make all the difference in consumers’ perception of the product and in building a solid and recognisable brand.

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