How to collaborate with bloggers and influencers in the cosmetics industry?

How to collaborate with bloggers and influencers in the cosmetics industry? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Working on the brand requires certain strategic steps, each campaign may need a specific approach in this respect too. At Studio Concept, we believe in transversal communication, the beauty sector feeds on faces but above all on voices.

The importance lies in the choice of social collaborations in the cosmetics industry that can bring real benefits, it is not enough to have a story to tell but it is necessary to entrust it to the most appropriate people to do so. Here are some tips.

What are the advantages of collaborating with influencers?

Even the best product needs to permeate into the target groups, the influencer is the figure who connects the brand with the new customer. Sponsoring campaigns are important, they establish the brand’s collections in the market but risk not penetrating deeper.

Whether millennials or Generation Z, the approach of potential customers is increasingly passing through online communication channels. Purchases from online stores are the final step in a process that already begins on social platforms. The brand grows, sales increase.

Favourite beauty products

Any line in cosmetics starts by studying the sales target. What is missing in the market is assessed, a need is created, also with the help of successful bloggers and influencers. Their role can already be important in the analysis preceding the design of the line, but this approach puts aside the fundamental human side.

Instead, promoting content about favourite products means speaking the language of the people. The influencer or blogger opens up their rooms, shows their surroundings and reveals themselves to the public in a more intimate dimension. The summary of favourite products starts with the story of an experience, this not only pleases but convinces the customer.

Gifts to followers

The influencer approach is a powerful tool but one that needs to be handled with care. Here the influencer can become the promoter of reward campaigns, the sponsor allows a concrete return on a specific action: it can be the creation of a post in a thematic contest, the subscription to a newsletter or perhaps the creation of a cute reel.

The return of preferences can be quick, followers grow at a great speed. Interest, however, drops off dramatically, with many only aiming to get the freebie. Here lies the choice of a strategy that can maximise the return.

Beauty tutorials

Eighty per cent of potential customers have gone through a YouTube tutorial before finalising their purchase. This is where conversion rates become important, hence the weight of video tutorials. Relying on content creators means getting into the powerful tool, the step requires commitment in content creation so the investment can be even more important.

Publishing beauty tutorials means showing the strengths of the line, showing how to use it and making it even easier to use. The customer is looking for increasingly practical solutions, the tutorial tool brings together effectiveness and simplicity under the banner of the published brand.

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Short-form video content

This is the new frontier of virtual communication, the classic TikToks are depopulated across the board and capture attention without barriers of age and culture. Aiming at short videos is the way to condense the product’s potential into a few seconds of footage, the time is shortened but the message gets through effectively.

The platforms are the most mainstream ones: there are TikTok but also SnapChat and especially Instagram’s Reels capture many followers, even YouTube offers short clips. The algorithms prioritise video content, hence the effectiveness of the tool.

Product collaboration with the influencer

Getting off to the right start is the best way to secure a real advantage, but influencers are a resource that requires a few small tricks. It is essential that the influencer has real followers: the homogeneity of contacts protects against the risk of fakes.

It is always advisable to give precise indications both on the style of the content and on how it will be reviewed, relying on a detailed contract is a safer route. Opting for the gift of test products is the way to get real opinions, even sponsored posts can be useful as long as a prominent influencer creates them.

Seasonal Campaigns

One of the rules in communication is to stick to events and trends, here marketing must go through the events of the season. Whether it is the summer holidays or gifts to put under the tree, the trend is to consider the must-haves of the moment. This is the realm of bloggers and influencers, the message promises a good return.

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