How to Become a Beauty Influencer in Italy? What’s are earnings?

How to Become a Beauty Influencer in Italy? What’s are earnings? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Curious to find out how much a beauty influencer can earn in Italy?

In this short guide, we will not only discover the mind-boggling figures that go around the world of make-up and skincare, but above all, we will understand how to launch a line of cosmetics starting from scratch!

Launch your cosmetic line with us: Concept snc

If your biggest dream is to create your own cosmetic line, and become an entrepreneur to all intents and purposes, save this article! The path will be long, and the world of beauty is today more brutal than ever, but if there is an innovative idea at the base, you will be able to transform your passion into a real job.

One of the most popular questions is: how to create my brand? We at Studio Concept are here for you! Together, we can develop a strategy thanks to which we will analyze the market, understand the target, and build an image of the perfect product to be successful also in the world of social networks. A 360-degree consultancy that will allow you to have in your hands what you have always and only dreamed of until now!

To obtain great results, it is necessary to understand what is missing on the market, what is the article that no one would give up, and work to arrive at a 100% satisfactory product: we will do all this together! Nothing is impossible if there is determination and the help of the Studio Concept team at the base.

Here is a range of services we offer that can be consulted in more detail on the page: Cosmetic marketing services:

  • Packaging Design of cosmetic products
  • Graphics and communication in the beauty and cosmetics sector
  • Still-life beauty and photography of cosmetic products
  • Video Marketing and Photoshooting of Cosmetic Products
  • Creation of beauty and cosmetics e-commerce websites
  • Social Strategy, Channel Management, and Advertising and Content Production

YouTube channel and performances

Let’s get to the point: how much does a beauty influencer earn who creates content for her YouTube channel? Let’s say right away that the market is growing rapidly. An influencer with a large following (over 1M followers) can earn up to 80,000 euros for a single post for cosmetics & beauty brands.

Mind-boggling figures shouldn’t come as a surprise as in 2021 alone the world of make-up and skincare produced around 280 million euros in Italy alone, creating as many as 450,000 jobs. Data that seems to be growing year after year and is worth investing in. More and more women and boys (let’s not forget them too) have discovered a passion for make-up and products in general for the daily cleansing of the face and body.

YouTube is the channel that signals the increase in the highest compensations in the last year: an influencer who has from 500,000 to 1 million followers can receive from 20 to 30,000 euros for a video of around 60 seconds. On the other hand, those who have a much smaller pool of followers, for example, from 3 to 15 thousand followers, can earn around 500 to 1,500 euros, up to a maximum of 10,000 euros for those who instead have 100,000 followers.

Facebook channel and performances

Even the Facebook channel doesn’t seem to disappoint, but it should be noted that compared to other social networks the fees are much lower: 50,000 followers on YouTube are worth about 1 million followers on Facebook. Furthermore, it is good to distinguish between influencers with 100,000 followers and those with over 1 million: the latter receive about 1,000 euros more per post.

For a single post, an influencer with 10-50 thousand followers earns about 150 euros, those who own 50-100 thousand take home from 150 up to a maximum of 500 euros. The most followed personalities with over 1 million followers earn from 750 up to 1,500 euros.

If you have an idea or want to renew your brand image Contact us for personalized advice. Together we will make your dream come true!

Popular channels: Instagram and TikTok

In recent years, there has been a preference for certain types of social networks. Facebook has been surpassed by Instagram and TikTok, not so much for the number of registered users, but rather for the frequency with which they are used.

Although the world of Instagram is slowly changing, with a preference on the part of the video audience over simple photos, the earnings for those who work with this channel are stellar. Also in this case, it is good to make a distinction: for influencers who do not exceed 10,000 followers, the fees per single post are around 250 euros. A much higher figure, around 3,500 euros, for those who instead have a profile with 50-300 thousand followers. For those who have a much larger audience, over 5 million people, for a single post, the fees can vary from 20,000 to a maximum of 75,000 euros.

Similar earnings are also for those who publish content on TikTok: an influencer with a maximum of 10,000 followers receives about 250 euros per content; those with 300,000 followers receive around 3,000 euros; celebrities with over 5 million followers can earn up to 65,000 euros.

Who are the influencers who work abroad?

Up until now, we’ve had fun discovering the earnings of influencers who work in Italy, but are they the same as those of colleagues who work abroad? Well, they aren’t, those who work with social media outside Italy are paid much more. The reason of this gap is certainly cultural: although in our country this is a job, as every gain is taxed just like any other job, the figure of the influencer is still viewed by many with suspicion. Abroad, the most important influencers are real stars, and this is why brands are encouraged to invest in ads.

Examples? It seems that the very famous and much-loved Kim Kardashian has earned from the well-known brand Balenciaga 1.9 million dollars (about 1.9 million euros) with a single advertisement on Instagram.

Despite the economic gap between Italian and international stars, it is good to highlight how Italy is also evolving, this is partly due to the fact that some prominent personalities have demonstrated to all intents and purposes that theirs is a real job. The most striking example we have in Italy is Chiara Ferragni: the best cosmetic brands are now competing to work with her, and every sponsorship of hers is worth gold.

Safiya Nygaard: the highest-paid beauty influencer

Safiya Nygaard, born in 1992, is the highest-paid beauty influencer in the world. With over 2.1 million followers on Instagram and 9.5 million on YouTube, American Nygaard has been decreed as the top-earning beauty influencer in 2022.

The beautiful and talented influencer would come for just one content to monetize for combined publications on the major social networks (Instagram, TikTok & YouTube) for over 191,000 euros.

The American’s earnings are truly stellar, what makes her special? She can have fun and entertain by making make-up different from the usual ones we are all used to. So don’t expect to find a tutorial on how to put on day cream on her channels: her posts ooze energy and innovation, and between lipstick and eyeshadow, the young beauty influencer captures the interest of millions and millions of people!

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The ranking of the highest-paid beauty influencers in 2022

Safiya Nygaard is certainly not the only one with a creepy bank account: characters like Huda Kattan, James Charles, and the Italian Chiara Ferragni are no less!

The Cosmetify platform has announced the classic 2022 of the highest-paid beauty influencers in the world with one post shared on Instagram, YouTube & TikTok. In the first place, as anticipated, we find Safiya Nygaard, in second place is Huda Kattan, bronze medal for James Charles, while we find Chiara Ferragni in sixth place in the ranking.

The American make-up artist Huda Kattan, as well as a beauty influencer, has come to earn over £ 146,000. Blogger and influencer James Charles, with over 22 million Instagram followers and 24 million YouTube subscribers, at just 17, he was the first man to become an ambassador for one of the most loved cosmetic brands Cover Girl. In 2022 Charles earned, again for a single shared post, almost £120,000.

Even Chiara Ferragni herself, elected by Forbes the most influential person in the fashion world, was certainly not idling by. Also according to the ranking, the young woman from Cremona, thanks to a shared post from a well-known cosmetic brand, would have brought home £ 81,000.

Some advice if you want to create your cosmetic line

A great project always comes from an idea!
The figures we have mentioned suggest that the beauty market is experiencing an extraordinary rise. Don’t fool yourself, however, that it is easy to conceive, produce and launch a new cosmetic brand. Hundreds of them are being born, also thanks to the many manufacturing companies that offer third-party production services with even low minimum order quantities.

We at Studio Concept srl, a highly specialized communication agency in the beauty and cosmetic world, are happy to be able to help you with your big dream. We allow ourselves, very briefly, to give you some simple initial advice:

  • Try to find an original product, with pluses and special features that allow you to differentiate yourself to the fullest.
  • I work as much as possible on concepts of eco-sustainability, circularity, and product traceability.
  • Build a story around your brand. It is the most complex part because it requires the identification of precise storytelling, the creation of an identifying visual image, and a clear and recognizable brand identity. It’s not just a matter of colors or fonts, there’s much more.
  • Identify your precise niche through a severe study that focuses on the idea behind your brand, the reference plate, the competitors, etc.
  • Create the Brand Name and Logo taking care of the registrability of the name at the European level and in category 3. It seems easy, but you will find that finding an original, identifying, cosmetic, and above all free name can be very challenging.
  • Define the image and graphic style of your product packaging, closely coordinated with the visual image you have studied for your brand.
  • Produce quality content in terms of product images, ambient still-lifes, product videos, model and product videos, and much more.
  • Study a social strategy consistent with your values ??and start studying the editorial plan, produce content, and manage direct advertising or through the involvement of other influencers.
  • Create your e-commerce website consistent with the brand image, which can best convey the values, style, and mood of your brand in a clear, simple way.
  • Work in the production of textual content and insights, to make your e-commerce website visible in an organic way.
  • Involve a specialized agency in building your project and define a real investment budget for brand building and launch.

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