Construction E-commerce Beauty: Branding and Visual Strategy

Construction E-commerce Beauty: Branding and Visual Strategy 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

At Studio Concept we love the integrated approach to strategic branding, our still life is part of a project and does not stop at mere representation. Through our experience, we also build e-commerce of cosmetic products, turning each image into a sales and brand storytelling opportunity.

We strongly believe in building a brand; success lies in making what comes out of the study seem casual. Here is the recipe that works.

Defining the target audience and niche for your beauty brand

The sales process can only make sense if one has a clear idea of the destination, which is how the first step is to study the customer the brand intends to address.

It all starts with the question: who do you want to sell to? Yes, the first step is to accept that wanting to sell to anyone can be the first step in the direction of failure.

Defining the target audience means approaching the analysis on both a demographic and a psychographic level. It is indeed essential to consider the gender and age of the customer but also to understand their average income and level of schooling.

Psychographic research approaches the possible way of interpreting the world and, along with it, the brand. Here is the way to start, this allows you to define your sales niche.

Create a unique brand logo

Having clear ideas is important but it is not everything. Sales in cosmetics rely on graphic solidity; it is essential that the customer can count on an unambiguous reference.

The logo itself is the visual representation of a brand identity, the product offered is designed to satisfy a specific market niche and therefore presents itself as unique in its characteristics. The customer associates the product with the uniqueness of the brand, that is how the logo is an integral part of the cosmetic.

Graphic design allows work on at least three aspects of uniqueness: typography, colours and symbols. Already the selection of the typeface can make one think of the brand; a classic graphic choice, for example, can frame the brand’s elegant slant.

The selection of colour palettes is also more representative of the values that underpin the brand identity. One example among many, the colour green communicates a green outlook. The symbol is a bit of a signature; one only has to associate it with the positive feed to turn it into a quality brand.

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Brand identity in e-commerce and storytelling

The magic of marketing that works lies in matching one’s offer with the customer’s needs, in an alchemy that seems almost dictated by chance. The customer experiences that feeling of rewarding good fortune, coupled with the satisfaction of having found the right product.

Brand identity starts from the position of uniqueness compared to competitors: the brand offers a solution that sets it apart from the crowd and succeeds in meeting the expectations of the target group. The customer can therefore distinguish the logo and associate it with a positive idea.

The next step is to touch the field of emotional communication, it is not enough to be number one if the product does not start from a heart. The humanisation of the brand is the real added value because the brand can start from the needs of lived life. That is why successful branding must also consider the power of stories.

Still life photography for high quality products

The strength of still life lies in its ability to imprint an emotional appeal in the time of a mere glance. Today’s landscape is made up of constant choices, in a rapid scroll in which to decide what is or is not worthwhile.

Speed is the leitmotif of a communication that entrusts images with its first approach, so still life has the function of describing much more than it shows. From the lighting to the choice of backgrounds, the depth of field and the enrichment with props are details that communicate but seduce at the same time.

Still life in cosmetics is part of the strategy of presence in the main communication channels, conducting it through a professional approach is essential as everyone uses it but only a few enjoy the real benefits.

Single Value Proposition (USP)

The cosmetics sector promises a lot but offers just as much, emerging can therefore be a real challenge. That is why building a beauty e-commerce cannot be done without an out-of-the-ordinary offer.

One stands out who offers products that others do not have, the rule makes the fortune of those who have something to say for real. This is the reason for a Unique Sell Proposition (USP), what in strategic marketing is about communicating uniqueness to the customer.

The clarity of the visual message must be combined with equally direct communication: the consumer wants to know why the product offered is different from others in the sea of cosmetics. Therein lies the strength of branding that works.

The success of a brand in the beauty industry depends on the ability to stand out in an increasingly crowded market. At Studio Concept, we know that every detail counts: from the precise definition of the target audience and market niche, to the creation of a unique logo and a strong visual identity. Our experience in cosmetics e-commerce teaches us that it is essential to communicate not only the quality of the product, but also the values and stories behind the brand.

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