Customer Experience for Beauty and Cosmetics: why is it important?

Customer Experience for Beauty and Cosmetics: why is it important? 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

The customer is at the centre, that is the approach that positively influences conversions when it comes to cosmetic marketing. The customer impression is the result of analysis and the basis of an effective operational approach. We are Studio Concept and work to optimise brands in the beauty industry, starting with the customer experience.

The importance of the customer experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry

In technical jargon abbreviated as CX, customer experience is one of the most powerful tools modern marketing has at its disposal.

Conquering the customer is tantamount to giving them exactly the experience they would expect before entering the purchasing process. What is the result? A satisfied customer is willing to pay more.

The growth of the beauty sector is the effect of a process made up of an increase in supply and a surge in competition, volumes are growing but are not always directed in the most effective direction.

Herein lies the importance in improving the sales experience, CX starts with complex technical analysis to return not only a more effective conversion rate but also well-established brand loyalty.

Customer experience at the point of sale and online: strategies for excellent service

The continuity between the in-store experience and the online approach is a strategic node for CX in cosmetics. Where online commerce does not allow touching the product, technological input through apps and dedicated functions can increase engagement.

There are four aspects to work on.

  1. It creates a relaxing atmosphere. The graphic appearance and the stylistic figure in the content are strategic elements to achieve this.
  2. Use quality products. The customer needs to be informed about the advantages of choosing over the competition, spending more can mean spending better.
  3. Promote wellbeing awareness. Promoting health means including the customer in a community, giving them access to thematic events and creating added value.
  4. It simplifies booking. CX improves when steps are streamlined.

Know your customer

From the design of a brand to the structuring of the latest promotion campaign, the customer plays a central role in cosmetics and beauty marketing in particular.

The approach to the target audience cannot neglect the analytical aspect but must also consider emotional analysis, it is only by creating an empathetic relationship that CX can be improved.

How to succeed with each customer? Communication can lend a hand through a direct approach; the offer speaks face to face with the target group and succeeds because the basis is a careful analysis of the market but also of online user behaviour.

Contextualising is another trick to better understand the customer, trend analysis can be related to the economic landscape to predict market needs. One needs to step outside one’s bubble to touch real needs.

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Offer value

The figures for the cosmetics market are considerable, the need for beauty is following an upward trend. Does this mean that there is opportunity for all? No, the market is ruthless with those who fail to produce added value.

Where competition becomes the rule, the only way to emerge is to stand out from the rest. Many successful experiences start from the analysis of niche sectors in the market, finding room for precisely those needs that are less listened to.

“What am I better at than everyone else?”: being able to answer this question is the yardstick of one’s value on the market.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Considering online platforms alone, 90 per cent of brands are able to obtain customer information directly from the devices they use to surf the Web. Hence the complex amount of related data.

AI and CX cannot but come together, the contribution of artificial intelligence is indeed essential to understand customer behaviour and needs in order to improve the customer experience. Data in hand, AI leads to about 50 per cent more sales.

Technology makes the difference through data testing and optimisation tools, CDP platforms to standardise customer data and machine learning automation software. Understanding means analysing a huge amount of data, AI does that for us.

Listening to customers and adapting: the future of the beauty industry

Using crowd-led feedback is the approach that allows the brand to engage the customer personally.

The individual’s opinion becomes a valuable tool to calibrate the proposal to people’s real needs, the mechanism motivates the customer who feels part of a virtuous cycle from which he can benefit.

Letting the masses lead means investing in dedicated platforms and testing, preparing ad hoc texts and content, and having budgets that allow for this. The return comes in the optimisation of productions, capable of responding to the improvement of the customer experience.

One of the strategies we adopt is based on the crucial importance of the customer experience (CX), which is not only a pillar for customer loyalty but also a strategic lever to stand out in a competitive market such as the beauty market.

Through the targeted use of technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and a deep understanding of customer needs, we are able to deliver personalised experiences that exceed expectations. Actively listening to customer feedback allows us to constantly adapt and innovate, keeping our brands abreast of emerging trends and responding effectively to market demands.

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