Still life photographs for Cosmoproject Aqua Concept

Still life

The body, as we know, has over 60% of water. Dehydration is, therefore, synonymous with physical and psychological discomfort. From a purely aesthetic point of view, water is the origin of beauty, and the absence of water is the emblem of decay.
What better element, therefore, to synthesise the reconquest of beauty or the health of the skin?
Constant dialog is the basic philosophy of Cosmoproject Aqua Concept, intended for water restoration, maintenance of an essential level, and water retention for as long as possible (the body tends to eliminate it constantly).
One of the flagship products of the Aqua concept line is Aquablend, a highly moisturising cream that is the result of a technologically advanced formula, capable of transforming the beauty routine into an authentic tiny daily miracle.
Makeup removal, cleansing, and rebalancing become phases of the treatment in all concerns, capable of sublimating your beauty.
To full health.
Nature becomes beautiful: what matters is essential. This was the concept to be expressed in the creation of the advertising campaign and, therefore, the philosophy of the still life of Aqua Concept products, also to be used as descriptive photos of the online products. But how to make it happen?
Studio Concept gave space, first of all, to essentiality. Which means no forcing. Once all excesses have been eliminated, the product remains essential, it dazzles all the rest.
Skin health is the mirror of our internal balance. And so, a naked, natural and perfect body is the synthesis of beauty. Because, after all, there is nothing in nature that is not beautiful. Or not? In short, in the still life of Aqua Concept, beauty becomes like water: an element that expresses itself without excesses, and without descriptions. Perfect as it is, even in one’s need for liquids.
Cosmoproject’s Aqua Concept products have been launched online and offline by the company which is one of the largest cosmetics manufacturers, also on behalf of third parties. The result is surprising: the essential releases effectiveness from each pixel and the message get straight to the point. The impact is unsettling and at least arouses curiosity: in front of acronyms, substances, and molecules with bizarre names, everything revolves around a primitive ingredient, perfect, useful for everything, and which anyone knows they cannot do without.
And this is the conclusive effect: you cannot avoid drinking the water or even trying its beauty concept.
For the Cosmoproject company, our Photo Studio and Communication Agency Studio Concept realises the photographic still lifes of their cosmetic lines, also offering a rendering, reconstruction, and advanced post-production service to make the image of the product as precise as possible elegant and communicative, even the simple still life on a white background.

Still life product photography and rendering reconstructions of entire lines of cosmetic products. Advanced retouching, photographic reconstruction of the cases, rendered in high definition.