Still life photography and website development for Olfactory Selection

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Every company, every brand, has its own identity. An identity that naturally embodies the marketed products, but also the target market itself, the people who work and collaborate to create these products, their expertise and skills, and the company’s founding principles.

It is clear how a brand’s identity is crucial to its success, making it indispensable to identify the best ways to make it known outside the Company, thus diffusing the corporation’s business and growth philosophy.

In other words, the key to the success of a brand is its ability to communicate.

This aspect becomes even more critical in the case of cosmetics companies, whereby the establishment of a relationship between the brand and customer must be the primary objective.

To this end, cosmetic and digital marketing are valuable aids insofar as instruments with which to promote the brand, and which, based on the digital strategy and social media marketing, allow not only the promotion of customer loyalty, making the company a point of reference for beauty products, but also the possibility to reach the greatest number of buyers, exploiting the potential of social media and the web.

When it became necessary to launch the Olfactory Selection product line, it would have been easy to resort to the same old traditional marketing methods (advertisements, brochures, store promotions, etc…).

The choice to focus instead on a digital strategy allowed the brand to acquire a certain elegance, sophistication, and exclusivity otherwise impossible with other types of marketing.

The creation of a brand story by studying the design of the logo and the product itself, sponsored ads for e-commerce, social media, web launch campaigns… all winning strategies for the success of a cosmetics brand.

Special importance must be reserved to the packaging design. A cosmetic brand’s packaging will in fact largely determine its success.

In this industry, it is essential to distinguish oneself from the competition with a captivating, but at the same time elegant, innovative but not tacky packaging, which immediately captures customers’ attention and encourages them to buy that particular product as opposed to others.

Still life product photography for Olfactory Selection room scents

The purpose of photographing a product is not only to help it sell, but also to tell its story.

Together with the product, the photo presents the essence of the brand itself, its values, and the message the brand aims to convey.

The main aim of still life photography must be to have an impact.

In a world where news travels at the speed of light, and communication channels rarely lend themselves to in-depth analysis by users, but rather are visited hurriedly and superficially, it is essential that the product image immediately captures the observer’s gaze and remains impressed in their mind, while at the same time transmitting the message it seeks to communicate.

For the products in the Olfactory Selection line, the still life photography evokes the brand’s style, which embodies elegance and exclusivity.

The white background on which the product is presented creates a delicate and refined atmosphere, and the visual effect of the leaves, flowers and fruits laid on the ripples of the water, immediately evoke a relaxing and refreshing moment.

Development of website and content for Olfactory Selection room scents

Having a website on which to market one’s products should be a must-have for any cosmetics company.

This type of market is in fact strongly characterised by online purchases, and a website that can rapidly and efficiently offer consumers the possibility to choose and purchase products from the comfort of their home is without a doubt the key to significantly improving the brand’s success.

Olfactory Selection Scent Room is an exclusive collection of fragrances selected directly from our Olfattorio, to create an atmosphere of elegance in your home and leave a sophisticated distinctive mark that you will never forget.

01/ Absolute beauty! A journey to the East beyond time.
02/ It is like getting lost in a Sicilian garden, in the summer sun. 
03/ Memories and emotions of clear, fresh and sweet waters. 
04/Seductive and wild, like love!
05/An unexpected emotion. Let yourself be surprised! 
06/I breathe the coolness that leaves me the color of a forest.
07/Dressed in heaven and wonder. I’ll take you to the sea!
08/ There is nothing stronger in the world than sweetness.