Cosmetics and beauty packaging trends for 2023

Cosmetics and beauty packaging trends for 2023 900 900 Studio Concept S.r.l.

Fashions are cyclical and the past helps to understand the future: 2023 shakes up this perspective. Design is stripped down to its essence in favour of colours and technologies take over.

Society evolves and the customer’s sensibility changes, understanding it is the only way to be there. The way of understanding packaging design in the cosmetics sector is therefore becoming circular, this is what we at Studio Concept believe.

Cosmetic packaging with a minimalist design

Aiming for the minimum means leaving out everything superfluous, the trend reflects this need. The focus is increasingly shifting in the direction of value in products, the content takes on real importance so the container can shed its conventional clothes to make room for the essential. Minimalism is expressing almost without speaking, minimalist packaging sends a clear message by aiming for synthesis.

Our focus is purely on products for aesthetic use, the current cosmetics frontier is moving in the direction of the essential. Skinimalism is the neologism coined to describe the new approach in beauty care. Few products for a complete action: treatments are reduced but their effects are extended, just like the packaging. The use of an “essential” container is the choice entirely in line with the new trend.

Recyclable Materials and Packaging

Materials really can save this ailing planet of ours. The past is tinged with the unconvinced green of greenwashing, but now is the time to take concrete action and take the fate of future generations into our own hands. As the packaging industry adapts to the growing need for reduced impact, cosmetics can only take effective action to make this happen.

Glass is one way to go, and more and more brands are relying on packaging that can also be reused in other areas. Cans, jars and small glass tubes can continue to exist even when the product inside them is finished. There is also the possibility of refilling containers, which means foregoing packaging and focusing on content. The environment benefits, but so does your wallet.

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Bold, vibrant colours with interesting patterns

Reducing and rationalising by no means means renouncing fantasy. Image and art have always been the driving force in the cosmetics industry, these find a new dimension in the expression of the latest trends. Away with the trappings of an ultra-modern rococo and room for expressions freely inspired by the latest trends, packaging becomes more attractive right from the choice of motifs.

Materials are becoming more and more environmentally friendly but do not lose the power to attract, 2023 sees the trend turning towards bolder colours and bright shades. Packaging must demonstrate a convincing impact, the material is reduced but the expressive power of the motifs is increased. Geometrical lines but also features borrowed from comics and Pop Art dictate the trend.

Designed for the Millennial audience

The future is increasingly tinged with social nuances, the world now passes through the lens of a camera. Where once it inspired the lines of a poem, today it is the incipit for a post on Instagram. The detail does not escape but captures, which is why the packaging that works is the one that looks best in a post that multiplies followers.

To say millennial is also to refer to a generation that understands the value of the issues that the planet cares about: beautiful yes but with respect for a better future, this is the leitmotif of truly attractive packaging. Packaging is coloured in strong colours but draws on low-impact solutions, 2023 is the time for fanfold and fit-to-product. The essential becomes visible to the eye again.

High-Tech Packaging

Packaging acquires the ability to dialogue, to advise in the choice but above all to orientate on the use. This is the trend of a product that establishes a direct channel of communication between producer and customer, a simple QR code is enough to make it all usable. A quick click with the smartphone opens up a world of useful information to orientate but above all to guide the customer in a path of conscious choice.

Technological packaging participates in a typical Funnel Marketing strategy, providing information means capturing the customer’s attention and gaining brand awareness. Packaging advises on how to store and collects customer feeds, it enhances its role as a mere container to become a real sales tool. 2023 is a trend year, change has already arrived.

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